Hoboken Pet Waste Stations – Pass the buck!

Doomed to fail: Hoboken Pet Waste Stations

The city of Hoboken, unable to manage something as simple as “Pet Waste Stations,” has introduced a typical government “pass the buck” initiative:

Install “free” poop bag dispensers (the more accurate way of saying “pet waste stations” – which is so stupid), and EXPECT RESIDENTS to pay for the maintenance and supply of POOP BAGS for everyone else.

How many of you see how this is doomed for failure?

dog poop station - Hoboken Pet Waste Stations - Pass the buck!

Remember – Hoboken used to have several of these (at least near dog parks) that once-upon-a-time were (sort of) kept up to date. They were empty more often than not.

Poop Bags are expensive

One reason this won’t work is that the poop bags cost money. Sometimes quite a bit of money.

What sane residents would pay in perpetuity for EVERYONE ELSE’S POOP BAGS? It could amount to many hundreds of dollars per year.

Not only that – all sorts of “terms and conditions” need to be followed. Never enter into any binding agreement with the city. Screw them.

(Note: Look at their “agreement” below, notice how Hoboken purposely avoids STATING HOW MUCH THEIR STUPID REFILLS COST?)

Even if some residents team up to “chip in” and buy bags – that fruity arrangement will become tiresome soon enough. People will STOP wanting to contribute to a fund – even if it’s only $20 – so other people who do not pay in benefit from. You don’t like socialism now, do you?

And you can BET that crafty residents looking build an inventory of poop bags for themselves would swipe many bags from these dumb dispensers when no one is looking. You can never have too many poop bags when you own dogs.

You could always use the shopping bags from ShopRite… oh… wait, I forgot.

The war on plastic bags is retarded in Hoboken.

hoboken pet waste stations - Hoboken Pet Waste Stations - Pass the buck!

Adopt-a-Pet Waste Station Request

(From the city of Hoboken)

Adopt a pet waste station near your property to promote clean streets in the City of Hoboken!

Free pet waste stations will be available to property owners and managers within Hoboken. The following supplies will be provided at no cost (while supplies last):

  • 1 pet waste bag dispenser with signage
  • starter supply of pet waste bags

The City will purchase and install a pet waste station (bag dispenser) within a one (1)-block radius of your property. By adopting a pet waste station, you agree to refill your station with bags and encourage your neighbors to properly dispose of pet waste. Please complete this form to request a pet waste station near your property.

Eligibility & Conditions:

  • Pet waste station will consist of a bag dispenser similar to this example.
  • City of Hoboken will install the pet waste station in the City right-of-way. Special permission is required to install in the Hudson County right-of-way.
  • Only sidewalk locations will be considered. Private property such as courtyards and backyards will not be considered.
  • Pet waste station will be installed within one (1)-block distance from the Applicant.
  • No more than one (1) pet waste station will be located on any block.
  • No more than one (1) pet waste station will be provided to any Applicant.
  • City of Hoboken will consult with the applicant on the pet waste station location, but reserves the right to determine the ultimate location for the pet waste station considering factors including but not limited to: proximity to public trash cans, proximity to other pet waste stations, and availability or feasibility of locations for anchoring the pet waste station (fence, post, etc.).
  • Applicants will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to available budget and other factors. Not every Applicant is guaranteed a pet waste station.
  • Applicant agrees to refill the pet waste station with bags within two (2) days of it being empty. Should the applicant not refill the pet waste station with bags within two (2) days of it being empty, the City reserves the right to relocate the pet waste station.
  • Applicant agrees to maintain the pet waste station including dispenser and signage.
  • Applicant agrees to encourage neighbors to properly dispose of pet waste.
  • Applicant agrees to review the Hoboken Dogs and Other Animals ordinance.
  • Applicant must be a Hoboken property owner or manager in compliance with the Hoboken Registered Agent ordinance. Applicant will designate a registered agent (primary contact person), identified on this request form in typed name and signature. The applicant will notify the City of Hoboken when there is a change in the registered agent.
  • Applicant agrees to notify the Department of Environmental Services via email if the dispenser or signs are vandalized or stolen. The City of Hoboken is not liable for any damage to the pet waste station.

Please contact the Hoboken Department of Environmental Services with any questions at 201.420.2000 x4000 or dcalamoneri@hobokennj.gov.

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