Another reason to say no to fast food {Burger King}

Another reason to say no to fast food {Burger King}

We cut the addictive cord on “fast food” like Burger King a long while ago. No regrets because we remember that the five-minute food “high” was always followed by devastation and repeat mistakes.

But now companies like “BK” have decided to market to misery.

Marketing departments at most billion dollar companies aren’t always retarded. One thing they “know” is what is trending in particular “target markets.”

In this case – it’s sorrow-filled millennials who cannot understand the source of their depression (hint: it has something to do with their smartphones.)

So Burger King has decided to become “edgy” and go after those who fit categories like self-indulgence, skankiness, stupid juvenile behavior, and unwed teenage motherhood.

Can’t blame them for trying. Knowing how easy people get duped by “emotions,” this might even work for them!

Next, they might as well target severely obese people and just say “fuck it – you’re a high health risk already, why not go out with a tasty Whopper bang?”

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