Why Does Time Seem Like It’s Speeding Up?

Here’s a good topic. It’s more about the lack of being physically & mentally in the now – rather than digitally elsewhere. The time issue is an illusion. People are literally wasting their time, and then complaining.

Why Does Time Seem Like It’s Speeding Up?

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

Does constant exposure to digital technology change the way we perceive time? 

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When human attention is hyperfocused on a single point, all other environmental stimuli tends to be cut off.  When we completely cut our experience off from our surroundings, this often makes us feel as though we are suffering from what is sometimes called “time loss”.  Add to this the never-ending quest for a new hit of dopamine that digital culture provides and you have a recipe for the mass warping of human brains.

Video produced by Truthstream Media

To add to the evidence supporting the video’s conclusion, I remember reading a story a few years back about a restaurant in New York which was losing business.

The restaurant found that customer complaints had skyrocketed that year, and that the vast majority of complaints were about food preparation times.  In other words, the customers complained that the food was taking far too long to get to them.  In order to identify the exact problem the restaurant owners hired a company to study their surveillance camera tapes on random days for multiple years, and compare how fast it took for food to get from kitchen to table in the past compared to today.  What the company found was shocking.  Regardless of the year, the food preparation time and delivery was the SAME.  They had not slowed down at all.  If anything, they had sped up their efforts.

So, what the hell was going on? 

The company also discovered something else; the amount of time people were spending on their cell phones while in the restaurant had spiked.

It was concluded that the only thing that had changed in the restaurant was the attention span of the customers…which is rather frightening when you think about it…

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