Mindless Crowd {are you part of it?}

Mindless Crowd {truth spoken by Alan Watts}

As most people finish their work week, ready to “live” life – they are most often disconnected from any actual reality. And as they “work” to acquire the cash to buy more useless things that will be obsolete soon enough, they become older and older and often realize way too late the errors of their ways. Or who actually benefited from their participation in the “system.”

This precise system has almost everyone hypnotized. Even trapped. What happens with the mindless crowd.

Below is an awesome (short) video presentation featuring the brilliant words of Eastern Philosopher Alan Watts. If something like this doesn’t at least make you think for a moment, then you have a long ways to go.

Par for the course

The fact that paying attention or listening to something insightful for just FOUR MINUTES is considered “too long” – means we have serious societal issues in 2019. Yet people can easily binge-watch psychologically manipulative “programming” without a second thought.

Nowadays, whimsical “memes” are considered the philosophic cornerstone of insight.


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