Tattling in Hoboken – a problem

Tattling in Hoboken (coloring outside the communist lines)

Social media has created a “nuisance class” in Hoboken and beyond. And it’s not a really good class, like government whistle-blowers. Quite the opposite. Tattling in Hoboken is now a regular occurrence.

Take these two recent “tweets” regarding people who didn’t follow the draconian “laws” about stupid bicycles in town:

“On the subject of traffic, while on the 126 down Washington to PATH, guy on skate board riding in driving lane. Yesterday while waiting for 126 at 3rd & Washington headed towards NYC, the light at Washington was red yet 2 bicyclists went right through the red light.”

“As a general rule, cyclists do not follow traffic laws. Those who do are the exception. It’s also absurd that adults are allowed to ride bikes on the sidewalk in Hoboken. If they can’t ride on the Streets like big boys then they should walk.”

This is what people do on “social” media? Nag to mommy?

tools on parade hoboken bicycles - Tattling in Hoboken - a problem

Fend for yourself and mind your own business

These ninnies who are on social media complaining that people aren’t lock-step with the rules, are the same assholes in kindergarten that “told on you” for coloring outside the lines.

What is “allowed.”

This is what we hate about each and every new “law” that is supposed to apply to everyone. Some folks don’t feel the need to be looked after by a nanny. They don’t see anyone coming? They go through that retarded red light that is supposed to be “obeyed.”

Tell me who the victim(s) are for someone riding their bike safely through a red light?

You can’t.

The reason many limp-wristed weaklings get upset enough to send public messages out – is because they are internally disgusted at themselves for literally following the rules. Somewhere deep in their pea-sized brains, they know all those regulations and laws are dumb, but cannot break the spell that coerces them to comply. Sissies.

As a society, we have to stop “telling on” each other. There is only one beneficiary of that – “THE STATE.”

The more power provided to the various levels of “THE STATE,” the worse off it is for EVERYONE – including you and your “following the rules” cronies. Get over yourself and use your time for more productive things.

Useful idiots.

tattling on bike lanes - Tattling in Hoboken - a problem

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