Hoboken’s Crappy Action Plan

Hoboken’s Crappy Action Plan

Wow, Hoboken really has reached a new virtue signaling level of lunacy! Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla recently announced a stupid “Climate Action Plan” on behalf of himself the city.

ravi pay to play bhalla climate change farce - Hoboken's Crappy Action Plan

Climate Change noise increases in volume in Hoboken

  • For one, what impact do mile-square cities have whatsoever? Hoboken could be leveled FLAT with ZERO human inhabitants – and there would be NO impact on the global environment.
  • Two – Mr. Pay to Play attempts to portray “rising sea levels” and “increasing numbers of direct hit Hurricane Sandy-like storms” as FACT. You know, the whole “science is settled” nonsense.


They use this fear-peddling in all circumstances where they either want more restricting laws or handouts from the federal government. And a million other socialist objectives (like taking away the freedom of driving).

Each time I see shoddy “mayors” like Bhalla and other ninnies push this utter garbage, it makes me cringe. Even worse than that are the people that willingly tag along. Look at that panel of people! You wouldn’t pick any of them for a schoolyard kickball team, let alone making decisions for others!

Every time you do NOT reject such rubbish – will make it sting that much harder when none of the doomsday predictions pan out.

Kick these pandering limp-wristed justice warriors out of office, and enable more pragmatic “leaders,” who can focus on businesses and more useful quality of life issues (lower property taxes, etc.)

Otherwise, you’re stuck with what you have.

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