Transgenderism and the War on Language

What gets us the most about this ludicrous subject – is the number of brainwashed lemmings that give it any credence or respect whatsoever. And second most ridiculous – is the fact that logical argument is always muddied via some deliberately fallacious retort (to avoid debate). And lastly – are the fake studies that have taken extremely rare (birth defect anomalies) about that messed up link in the DNA and falsely suggest that many people “might” have been the other gender…

Ask yourself why now? Who benefits? What is the end game?

Transgenderism and the War on Language

Maybe the war on gender is actually part of the liberal war on language. Inspired by 1984, progressives want to prevent us from thinking by erasing our vocabulary one word at a time. The transgender agenda erases the word woman by rendering it meaningless. Matt Walsh explains:

war on language - Transgenderism and the War on Language

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