Where do New Jersey’s Distracted Drivers Live? {Hudson County}

NJ’s Most Distracted Drivers Live in Hudson County (Social Media Morons)

No surprise that the most liberal county in NJ also has BY FAR the most distracted driver accidents cause specifically by narcissistic CELL PHONE USE!

You’d suspect common sense is also learned via technology. That may be the case in some instances, but the overwhelmingly addictive nature of smartphones far exceeds knowledge gained.

Who knows – we might say let Darwin just do his thing, but many times the victims are have nothing to do with it. Well, unless the choice of locale is also part of the deal.

NJ distracted drivers hudson county 2019 - Where do New Jersey’s Distracted Drivers Live? {Hudson County}

Where do New Jersey’s Distracted Drivers Live?

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As a driver in New Jersey, it’s common to see the driver next to you on their phone, looking like a bobblehead, up at the road and down at their phone. If this feels like an all-too-common occurrence on New Jersey roads, your instincts are correct.

New Jersey ranks number one in the country for most distracted drivers. New Jersey drivers use their phones once every 4.7 miles driven. The high frequency of cell phone use on New Jersey roads is leading to a high rate of cell phone related car accidents.

Reviewing New Jersey Department of Transportation data on crashes related to cell phone usage to see how bad the problem is, and find where the worst distracted drivers are. Data shows a 29% increase in crashes related to cell phone usage from 2011 to 2016. Not only is New Jersey guilty of distracted driving, but it’s trending upward.

Using NJDT cell phone usage crash data and county population data, we found the New Jersey counties with the highest rate of distracted driving accidents. Below is a ranking of all 21 New Jersey counties from highest rate of distracted driving car crashes to the lowest.

Stats: NJ Distracted Drivers by County

RankCountyPopulationCell Phone Car CrashesCrashes per 10,000 People
1Hudson County679,75677911.46
2Essex County800,4015406.75
3Passaic County510,5633346.54
4Cape May County94,549576.03
5Camden County510,9962394.68
6Burlington County449,1921914.25
7Monmouth County627,5512544.05
8Atlantic County272,926983.59
9Ocean County589,6991933.27
10Union County557,3201703.05
11Gloucester County291,372852.92
12Cumberland County154,952442.84
13Bergen County937,9202552.72
14Salem County63,776172.67
15Middlesex County837,2882132.54
16Morris County498,8471212.43
17Mercer County373,362902.41
18Somerset County333,316752.25
19Warren County107,088242.24
20Sussex County143,570281.95
21Hunterdon County125,717241.91

1. Hudson County
Biggest Cities: Jersey City, Union City, Bayonne, Hoboken

At 11.46 distracted car crashes per 10,000 people, Hudson County is nearly double that of the next worst distracted driving county. A high rate of passing traffic from the Big Apple into Hudson County could be a leading cause.

2. Essex County
Biggest Cities: Newark, Orange, Montclair

Neighboring to the west of Hudson Country, Essex County is another high traffic area with frequent distracted driving. 6.75 distracted car crashes per 10,000 people is significantly less than Hudson County but means Essex is the second most distracted county in New Jersey.

3. Passaic County
Biggest Cities: Paterson, Clifton

North of Essex County is Passaic County, which barely edged their southern neighbors for third on our list. Passaic had 6.54 distracted car accidents per 10,000 people.

4. Cape May County
Biggest Cities: Woodbine, Ocean City, Cape May

Bucking the trend of population dense counties, Cape May comes in a number four on in our ranking. Considering Cape May’s population, 6.03 distracted driving accidents per 10,000 people is a high figure. The second lowest population and the fourth highest rate of accidents among New Jersey counties signal a unique issue for the county. Could the summer vacationers to the shore be more focused on the beach and phones rather than the road?

5. Camden County
Biggest Cities: Camden, Cherry Hill

Though Camden county has a lower rate of distracted drivers than northern New Jersey counties, Camden County still pulled at top 5 ranking at 4.68 distracted car crashes per 10,000 people.

Middlesex and Bergen Counties
The trend we’re seeing is that there’s a higher rate of distracted driving accidents in more population dense counties. It follows conventional wisdom of higher odds of accidents happening with more people on the roads.

However, Middlesex and Bergen counties are the two most populated counties in New Jersey and both rank in the bottom half among distracted driving counties. Police patrolling of distracted drivers could play a role, or the drivers of Middlesex and Bergen counties could be more focused on the road.

Rankings were determined by counties with the highest rate of cell phone related car crashes per 10,000 people. To get crash figures, we used 2016 New Jersey Department of Transportation data on crashes related to cell phone usage. We then used New Jersey county population to compare the rate of car crashes. The final rankings are a rate of car crashes per 10,000 county residents.

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