Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

People used to be quite good with dogs in Hoboken. With the exception of a moron with an untrained dog like a Pit Bull, most interactions were okay. Typically got better over time, especially with the same group of dogs and schedules.

But as time progressed – technology got in the way – and just like distracted drivers, dog owners became lackadaisical due to their vices. Which is why we avoid like the plague these days.

There are other things to keep in mind than just common sense. And these apply to all dog parks, not just Hoboken.

Hoboken Dog Park Etiquette

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Etiquette to Follow in a Dog Park

Dog parks present an excellent avenue for your furry friend to socialize and exercise with other pets. After spending time in such a park, you will most likely notice less troublesome behavior from your canine. This is because they get a chance to burn pent–up energy benefitting from physical and mental exercise. As you visit a dog park, you must make sure that the experience ends up being a pleasant one for you and your pet. Here are some other etiquette rules to follow in a dog park to have the best of times.

Find out Requirements and Fees Prior to the Visit

While Hoboken has practically zero enforcement, some parks will not allow dogs in if they are not fully vaccinated and licensed with a collar and a tag. Others charge a small fee for the time the mutt will spend in the park. If there is a park you are interested in, it is best to find out the requirements they put in place to avoid disappointments on the day you want to visit. You can also invest in the best extra small dog harness and just hang around outside the park for a while to evaluate whether it is the right fit for your mutt.

Have Verbal Control of your Pet

Instinctively, the first step your tail-wagger will take when you arrive at the park is to run in full speed and start investigating the surroundings. Remember that you must be in full control so that you can protect the dog. Command your four-legged best friend to wait until you are both ready to go into the park. During the visit, you should also be keen to make certain that your furry pal is socializing positively with the other dogs and not starting fights. If the dog is up to no good intervene immediately.

dog park etiquette

Pick Up After Your Dog

One of the biggest complaints that dog owners have about time in the dog park is that there are some humans who do not bother to clean up after their pets. Not only is this gross, dog feces can also breed worms, parasites, and illnesses. Always carry a waste page in case the park does not have any to clean up your dog’s mess on time. This means that you must keep your eyes on the pet at all times to be up to speed with what is going on. Dogs parks are not the place to spend time reading on your phone. Instead, use this time to play and interact with your canine to create a stronger bond.

Leave your Puppies at Home

Puppies are usually not welcome in dog parks because it may be challenging to control them. Most big dogs also consider the little ones to be pain and they may end up getting bullied.

Additionally, if a pup has not got all its shots, you may end up exposing it to diseases. If the pup is younger than 6 months, wait until it is old enough for park visits. This said it is important to note that parks do no offer socialization lessons. Instead, they are a good place for pets to be social once they have already learned.

Know When It Is Time to Leave

Because you know your mutt well, you should be able to read cues on when it has had enough. When the atmosphere is no longer friendly, feel free to leave immediately even when it means you have to cut a conversation short with someone you have just met. It is one of the ways to ensure you always have a fun and safe trip at the park.

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