How do you determine brand loyalty?

How do you determine brand loyalty?

There’s a lot of marketing talk about brand loyalty. It’s a BS word for customer retention, repeat business (increased revenue), influencing, etc.

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But how do we pick brands we’re loyal to?

It’s extremely traditional. Has nothing to do with marketing, or social media bullshit, or charity work.

– Do they sell what we want or need?
– Is it offered at a fair price?
– Does it perform the expected task?

– How was the transaction?
– How do they back their products? Are they honest?
– What about any interaction?

– Consistent quality?
– Stable business policies (not changing every month)
– Ease of access, communication post-sale

– Remedies for problems
– Outward desire to satisfy me as a customer

brand loyalty - How do you determine brand loyalty?

Why do most major brands do everything BUT?

What gets us is that most brands these days do very little in regards to the thing(s) they exchange for money from you. They focus on everything else!

We look at some of the brands out there (their utterly useless social media accounts), and they talk about completely unrelated things!

– Equality
– Charity
– Environment

Since when did this happen?

It appears that certain generations will completely avoid companies that aren’t tooting their horns about things that have nothing to do with their products. Same goes for major corporations that don’t have some kind of equality rating for the 0.3% of the population that has been coerced to not believe what a penis or vagina is or means.

Everything is in reverse of what it should really mean. And in the end, is trivial, and probably completely fake. Doesn’t amount to much, other than “virtue signaling.”

The same way most people in Hoboken clamor about parks while completely forgetting about higher priorities, logic, and common sense.

Circling the drain, I tell ya!

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