Work Equality Index {for LGBTQ?}

Why is there a Work Equality Index for LGBTQ?

Take a look at this 120+ page PDF from the “Human Rights Campaign Foundation.”

It’s their 2019 Corporate Equality Index – which is used to “JUDGE” how companies “meet the needs” of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community via policies and corporate practices.

Why such elaborate focus on minor issues?

  • Who funded it? I mean – behind the curtains?
  • Why?
  • And why are so many companies rushing to meet such requirements for such a statistically insignificant part of the population? Because they make a lot of noise and have a brainwashed audience (the populous along with the parroting media?)

We know why – but what is concerning is that most people do not.

It’s not about equality – but a societal narrative

Anyone with half a brain knows that the amount of focus these so-called “issues” are receiving is without a doubt NOT in-line with actual numbers. It’s not proportional.

If 1% of a group receives 90% of the “attention,” doesn’t that make you wonder why?

Or even better, make you wonder why (or how) you even care about it? Shouldn’t this type of stuff be handled behind the scenes – while the 99% can focus on TRULY productive things that bring society forward? (Like parking instead of parks).

This seemingly non-stop “fight” for something so low on the totem pole is nuts.

It’s like spending your whole life clamoring about a drippy faucet while ignoring the rest of the apartment. Seems out of place to put so much emphasis on something so minor in the “big picture,” right?

In reality – more people should be asking why this muddying of the waters is happening. To whose benefit? Is it to make this topic more “acceptable” (more dominos falling)?

Or why this wasn’t an issue 50 years ago? Or how entertainment “programming” has drastically changed subject matter and focus (race, gender, orientation, etc.)

Does anyone ever even wonder if humans can literally be molded and shaped in ways beyond their craziest imagination? Or is that beyond your comprehension? Or do you not critically think anymore?

When we see ridiculously OVER-ANALYTICAL reports like this – we shake our head and feel bad for how wasteful it is. It’ll change one of these days.

corporate equality index 2019 - Work Equality Index {for LGBTQ?}

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