Thinking for yourself… {It’s okay!}

Thinking for yourself {Look within}

Just casually observing the world around us – it’s astonishing to see how many people “outsource” their actions to the (supposed) opinions of external sources BEFORE figuring it out on their own.

  • Online reviews? People use these to determine whether something has merit – or is “worth it.” All without ever trying themselves first.
  • Always asking others? I see people who constantly ask for the opinions of others before doing something. Like they’re afraid to take responsibility.
  • Groupthink? Popular consensus? Going with the crowd is overly common today. Look at “Beats” headphones. So many people have, but they are literally inferior to products that cost a fraction.
  • Your own identity? It appears that individual identity is under attack. Hardly anyone is unique anymore. They’re all shaped otherwise. Probably because of the human need to be popular, or to “fit in” somehow.

Technology has quickly nudged people into a new, “easier” way to make decisions – instead of thinking for yourself.

thinking for yourself - Thinking for yourself... {It's okay!}

Your own experience should be all that matters

Sure – you might be able to save time if you’re able to avoid things that are (truly) bad. But with the “fake” world that surrounds us – there really is only ONE way to know for sure.

Personal experience.

Secondly – getting things online is a tough cookie. Because you cannot physically inspect prior to purchasing. Which is why it is ideal to see it in person first.

Beyond just things, the same applies for any subject out there. Politics. Cooking. Health. And so on.

Having the will to learn and try on your own is a dying “art” these days. All we can say is be careful how much trust you have for the internet. Most of it is sheer rubbish. However, there are honest and truthful sources out there, but they’re just very hard to find (buried deep within search pages – or “disappeared” for whatever reason).

This is why “searching” for something and relying on the first few results is very dangerous. Just because they come up at the top – is no guarantee that they are ACCURATE. They just either have better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or were “helped” by your friends at the company that provides the algorithm for such “results.”

And don’t forget – you have an echo chamber too. Depending on how you search – you’ll almost always find topics that support your viewpoint – good or bad. Just look at diets as a great example. For all the (true) sites that try to share accurate information about low-carb diets – there are more that say they’re “bad for you,” and use scary language and bogus “studies” to try and push people in the other direction.

Take a look within and form an honest assessment of what you do each day. It’s up to the individual to recognize all of this before it’s too late.

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