Hoboken Parking – Volunteering to Pay More?

Hoboken Parking – Volunteering to Pay More?

From time to time we see some liberal morons online gleefully volunteering to pay more for things like parking. The horrific mindset is something like this:

“Hey, prices go up everywhere – so should parking prices! We love paying more!”

How massive groups of people can be literally brainwashed into becoming government cheerleaders is a testament to the existence of psychological programming.

(And they also make inaccurate assumptions about universal higher costs. But that is a conversational trick that works only on the weak…)


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Instead of parks – just build free parking for all residents!

These people that clamor more expensive parking, are the same ones that want luxuries like parks and open space. They probably also wish that no one at all had the freedom to travel when they wish. They have wet dreams of entire cities being “equally” depressed and confined. Socialism.

But seriously – imagine if Hoboken built a dozen or so new parking garages? Say give 10,000 residents FREE PARKING instead?

  • What would that do for the business climate here? (Answer: help it)
  • How would that improve the evening musical chairs dance? (Answer: improve it)
  • AND WHAT ABOUT THE STUPID “ENVIRONMENT?” (Answer: nothing – that whole thing is bullshit)

Bah. Who wants to solve real issues when you have fake issues that are a lot easier?

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Backwards Priorities as always in Hoboken

This is the issue with most cities – liberal or not.

They do not understand TRUE logic. You know, like taking care of things that are the highest priority for the community as a whole.

Instead, they do at least two things:

  • Appease the loud-mouth squeaky wheels (SJW mob) to avoid negative press
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure reelection (catering to the largest blocks of voters (SJW mob) – regardless of common sense)

All while literally ignoring what would be best LONG-TERM for a city. A selfish way of going about things, that is for sure.

The same thing is going on with that Union Dry Dock debacle. Having a reliable ferry service is good not only for Hoboken but much of the surrounding area. City officials along with their blabber-mouth social media lemmings don’t care about anyone else but themselves, or anything else but having a stupid garbage-collecting waterfront park to put photos of on their next campaign flier.

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You built the city – make it work the right way

Hoboken is very densely populated. With a lot of cars. Fact.

And that fact is NOT going away with bike lanes or toy scooters. Never.

The damage is done, and cannot realistically change whatsoever – unless there are places for the cars. You cannot change the mindset of people overnight.

While we wouldn’t be surprised if most residents of liberal cities become even more mentally ill than they already are and follow along – and the remainder just move to places that don’t have such stupid pie-in-the-sky ideals. It’ll take at least one more generation of indoctrination to make that a reality. And I doubt they’ll change paths now. They’re “all in.”

So expect the boiling of the frog to slowly increase over the next 20 years. Unless a “Trump” style mayor comes in and fixes shit the right way. Or some other kind of larger-scale disaster comes along. Or at least a fight from the leftover souls who would like to preserve this republic as a whole.

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