How you communicate {email revival?}

How you communicate {email revival?}

When “social media” came on the scene say 12-15 years ago – how did you communicate with others?

Back then – we (and most everyone else) used a few forms of communication.

Phone calls
Instant Messenger (Yahoo – and others that are long gone)
And to some extent “Nextels”

It worked just fine! There was little to complain about – or “needing more.”

communicate email - How you communicate {email revival?}

Social Media introduced too much NOISE

Social media came along in the mid-2000’s. I recall seeing dumb platforms like Twitter, in the beginning, thinking “why do I want my interactions viewed by EVERYONE?” I truly hated it.

And did not embrace it (still don’t – from a “daily platform” perspective).

But Twitter and the rest of the social media “models” caught on with the lemming populous.

We knew something bad was coming – when some people we knew actually (literally) abandoned tried and true platforms like email. They communicated via social media (direct messages, etc.), assuming EVERYONE ELSE was equally tuned into each new social network that came along.

That created a DISCONNECT in human communication. Akin to not answering the phone – or even a tap on the shoulder!

That – and the garbage that you had to sift through to maintain direct comms with other people.

what happened to email - How you communicate {email revival?}

The social media platforms are “drug dens”

Sure – the “ability” to communicate with others was still there – but it now included a cesspool of other nonsense (noise) that absolutely addicted people.

Everyone was (is) getting all up in arms over tons of digital static.

And not only that – but narcissistic competitions for empty “likes” and other short-lived attention.

Most people just have small circles – but battle each other remotely and unknowingly for the devilish “dopamine hit.” Meanwhile – loneliness is at an all-time high. And sadly – most cannot even identify the source.

Sure, as in any structure or social hierarchy – some people succeed. Even lavishly and more. But equally similar, it’s always a minuscule minority that can. Just like professional sports, Hollywood, and so on. The remainders are scrubs and no better off. Just like before, without a digital footprint.

But the difference between now and 20 years ago – is that there are more “middle-men” (the platform creators) that are profiting handsomely from the phrase we love to use, “the human condition.”

email used to be the way to communicate - How you communicate {email revival?}

Fragmented lines of communication

One of the aspects of all these new “lines of communication” that still bugs us – is that society is essentially now fragmented.

– Kids pay attention to newer networks (Tik Tok, What’s App, etc.)
– A good chunk of society still uses the original ones (Facebook, Twitter)
– The more professional networks (LinkedIn, etc.)
– The top discussion boards (Reddit, Quora, others)
– And still other “comment” areas on super-popular places like YouTube

Individual websites are sadly too difficult for people to frequent. Not sure why.

It’s as if people don’t value good information or unique insights via that method. They seem to prefer the frenetic pace of live updates or “dinging” of notifications. A giant globe of Pavlov’s Dogs.

It is clear that the mechanism itself and associated (carefully designed) psychological hooks mean more in 2019 than actual content. At least that is how we see it and understand it.

There is so much better “information” out there – beyond the realm of the social media landscape, but people have been lured away for the most part. We know how to find them, do you?

We’ll stick to email. It’s gotten a lot better now that most of the easily-duped people have been sucked away to other things anyway.

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