What you think about

What you think about

While most people in the modern world spend time accumulating stuff or getting involved with topics like celebrity gossip or NCAA tournament brackets – we wonder why more folks aren’t obsessed with the overall universe in general.

It’s the most fascinating subject in the world.

You know, where did “life” begin?

life universe - What you think about

Low-hanging fruit and flawed humans

In our current world – we “survive” way differently than we used to.

Basic survival as a species has changed with modernity.

With everything essentially “luxurious” compared to past times – the human being in the western world is not the same as it was.

So much time is available for recreational activities. Even mentally – as you see people heads-down on their entertainment slabs (smartphones), that something is lost.

The curiosity of “all of it” has been truly swept under the rug.

Do you look at the sky?

When you gaze at the dots of light in the night sky – do you ever think about that distant blip of light?

Or try to understand what the vast black void in the sky really means?

That single unknown is an incredible point to ponder.

Or are you just wondering what digital camera equipment to use to take the perfect timelapse picture that will surely get you tons of “likes?”

People back in the day before modernization spent countless amounts of time trying to get a grip on the unknown. To think endlessly about what it all means. Much of science, philsophy, and religion is rooted in the unknown. It seems for the most part that that phase is essentially over (“settled.”)

We now just entertain ourselves.

space rendering - What you think about

Why do fantastic questions fade away?

We never stop re-thinking about life in general. The number of impossible questions to answer astound us.


How can the universe be infinite?

If matter exists – how did it start? Where did it come from?

If humans have a mental construct of “beginning and end,” why aren’t more people utterly frustrated with the concept of the universe? Why aren’t more people struggling to make more sense of it?

Does anyone ever think about “religion?” From a practical standpoint? Perhaps it’s just a control mechanism over the fallible human species? (Or in other words – the longest running scam on planet earth?)

Take a look at this mind-bending video about the parallels between distant civilizations on Earth. Perhaps our “solar system” isn’t what you’ve been “taught” in “school.”

Other thoughts

Do you ever wonder how badly the “laws” of physics and science are severely limited by just (the lack of) human comprehension?

Is it possible that what we think we know – is grossly inaccurate? Like by a wide margin?

Can it be that there are things that can happen in the universe that are beyond human comprehension? (i.e., different dimensions, etc.)?

And if particular parts of the universe are beyond the scope of the capability of a human mind – what then? How can you even grasp that if you’re not designed to even see, recognize, or understand it?

What if some people DID discover or learn something game-changing, but that information never was made public? Who has it? Who’s using it?

I guess what fascinates us the most is how these kind of “unanswered” facets of life are hardly ever mentioned except in fringe areas of science, and so on. People are more hung up on other things and could care not about the bigger picture.

How did we allow for most of humanity to become disinteresting in the meaning of life?

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