Your image {online and real life}

Your image {online and real life}

One thing I’m fascinated by is how people “see” themselves quite differently than they actually are.

why bother taking selfies - Your image {online and real life}

People’s self-image is a peculiar phenomenon.

Thanks to social media, mirrored sunglasses, photo filters, and fake people saying nice things – it appears to us that most people think WAY HIGHER of themselves than is warranted.

The number of obese girls with nice hair and made up faces with positive body images is staggering. I can see it from a mile away.

Their egos are propped up due to the (inaccurately) positive feedback they receive on an almost continual basis.

It’s like a giant societal circle-jerk of phony nonsense.

Meanwhile – these people, who are “good” in their circles – are actually self-destructive. And you can’t even be honest with most of them. Try asking a fattie why they are so blubbery, and you’ll be labeled a “hater” instead of someone who actually wants to help in what really matters, instead of superficially inflating their delusional ego.

Coddling unhealthy people because it’s almost “bullying” to tell them the truth is nonsensical.

lonely in real life - Your image {online and real life}

By being politically correct and polite – is really phony

Another trend is amazing as well. The number of folks that are literally afraid to say the truth about anything! No ruffling of feathers anywhere.

The social media mob makes having a dissenting opinion (or just thinking something is stupid) out of the question. Maybe with some political debates – the left-right discourse happens, but not in any meaningful or productive way. Nothing changes and the divide increases most of the time.

This is partially why many retarded trends are growing without resistance. Gender crap. Feminist movements. Immigrants. Disabled people. Environmental bullshit. Because having a dissenting viewpoint is target practice for supporters. The big “hater” attack comes (instead of logical discourse).

“How can you hate disabled people?” or “Transgenders need to use whatever bathroom they identify with!”

Part of this happens because common sense has been squelched. And other conversations have been purposely muddied with fake science, fake research, and indoctrination centers loaded with brainwashed faculty.

All of it has turned society in many (liberal) parts of America into a (literal) circus and freak show. Which is why it’s sound advice to distance yourself and your family from this nonsense. A good way is to get rid of social media and all other mainstream garbage. Focus on survival and self-reliance to the point where thoughts about entertaining yourselves the way you used to sounds stupid and wasteful.

Yeah – almost all of the online world these days is completely ruined.

online life - Your image {online and real life}

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