Human lunacy {Proof of}

Human lunacy {Proof of}

When you sit back and observe society from a perch at 30,000 feet – over time – you can draft up some seriously plausible theories as to “what is going on” in the world today. One of those theories is human lunacy. Yes, people going mad without knowing it!

It can be many things. One prominent observation is in regards to politics. We see what you’d think are normal “white collar” (is that raciss?) people in Hoboken – literally posting wishes of “termination” to our commander in chief. Think about that for a minute. Are people that “mad” that things aren’t going their way?

That’s another thing. Because of our relatively “disconnected” way of communicating (remotely almost all of the time), there are minimal ways to resolve differences of opinion outside of civil discourse. Most people with a sane mind would say “what’s wrong with a discussion? Can’t people either agree to disagree – or even better, see that they might be wrong?”

No. These days – you have a collective of cry babies. You know. Take a toy away from a child, and they cry like it’s the end of the world. The same thing is happening in the digital world.

Thanks to technology and laziness, we see a disturbing trend of this kind of response when people encounter a dissenting voice: “GO KILL YOURSELF!”

human lunacy in 2019 - Human lunacy {Proof of}

Why is death the only happy outcome for many people?

That’s one of the terrifying trends not enough people are paying attention to. The outward expansion of “tribes” and beliefs. The internet has allowed for countless “positive echo chambers,” where people circle-jerk each other – with no challenge.

It’s like a digital mob mentality. And that has long-term consequences. Or more likely – short-term as well. It hasn’t taken long for people hunker down in their camps with earplugs. No one has the time or desire to self-check their beliefs. Or uncover the real history of what is going on.

Heck, in 2019, most of what you find online (via searches) has now been scrubbed or sanitized. Researching topics online has almost made me give up entirely as of late. The major search engines are utterly useless these days. It seems like all the focus is on social media – and the sick human experiment that is taking place there (thank God we don’t engage!)

But it’s sick how the imbeciles online cannot truly communicate (for the most part). That’s not saying there isn’t civil discussion online, but it’s far and few – and usually involves OLDER people. Anyone under 35 cannot be expected to have half a brain anymore.

It’s anything and everything these days!

The human lunacy is everywhere. No matter what the subject. It can be relatively major issues (like world population) or something mundane – like video games or celebrity morons.

Look at these fruitcakes (who were born because of their parents) suggesting that people just stop procreating! What juice did they drink?

But people are going ape shit over things that you’d never think twice about just two decades ago!

And we really think it’s just a combination of TOO MUCH INFORMATION (of the bad kind), psychological programming, and those dopey echo chambers.

It can be anything. We can probably list 100 easy points off the top of our head. But we won’t. Because it won’t help those beyond saving, and we’d be preaching to the choir for those in the know.

Unplug. Disconnect. Prune.

I’ll just say this again. Regardless of the “cure” for this slippery slope society as a whole is on – we highly recommend the following “first steps” prior to engaging in a more thorough treatment plan. It’s simple:

  1. Unplug from all social media. Heck even social media stars like Casey Neistat is doing it. Why don’t you?
  2. Disconnect or curtail your “mainstream” passive consumption. Start with news. Never watch it. Next, quit being a sloth watching “entertainments” like TV or streaming crap on Netflix. GO BUILD SOMETHING INSTEAD!
  3. Lastly – you may have 1,000 “friends” online. But get rid of them all. Limit your interaction with others to those whom you see personally at least some of the time. Go back to email for direct messages.

Being at peace with yourself sans the external noise is a wonderful thing. Every day is great and without conflict. Sleep is better. Health is better. Life is better.

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