More on Holidays – Who benefits?

More on Holidays – Who benefits?

We’ve written some great pieces about human celebrations in the past (Forced Holidays and What are YOUR Holidays? are two that come to mind.) But it still fascinates me to this day that the chains cannot be broken by most people.

And this goes for any widely-participated event as well (especially sporting rituals and other celebrity nonsense.)

How can you reverse the trend and become the beneficiary?

holidays - More on Holidays - Who benefits?

Reward yourself instead

We know, a lot of small businesses benefit from the lemming-like following of holidays. Bars, restaurants, shops. We get that. (It’s not like they would DIE otherwise, but who’s counting.)

But it would be interesting if people took tabs on what they spent externally for each of the annual rituals that they mindlessly partake in.

$200 for dumb green things and excessive booze on St. Patrick’s Day. $400 on elaborate Super Bowl spreads. Flowers. Fireworks. Foot-longs. Fondue. And everything in-between.

What if you threw that money in a jar instead of participating? You’d have thousands of extra dollars left over at the end of the year. To put towards something more productive and useful.

Is the lack of “fun” you might have had enough to make that impossible? Just another “FOMO” moment to weaken you?

Step back – why and what benefit?

Have said this before – but almost every holiday you participate in was conceived a very long time ago. Plus all the recent ones that still all require some expenditure to participate.

Why do all those holidays require money? I suppose there are leechers out there who might love the free food and drink, but some people are paying – and others are collecting.

Are these holidays necessary to keep the economy humming? Would the world just “go out of business” if this extra commerce ceased to exist? We don’t think so.

We do understand that human ritual is part of who we are (to some degree). But so is family – and look at what has happened with that. It almost seems as if these shallow superficial holidays have replaced the traditions within large family units. The model of the family is actively trying to be destroyed (look around).

I have much more respect for the large family “Sunday dinner” as a tradition over any other. They have little meaning other than to maintain the bonds.

Instead what has taken the spotlight away is retarded Instagram photos of fun times that give people their sense of self-worth. Round and round until they realize it was all for nothing.

Value the individual personal things, the irreplaceable. One day, they’ll be all that you have left.

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