Goodbye Social Media

Yesterday – we basically added yet another article to our long (very long) list of criticisms towards technology – and more specifically social media and the implications on humanity as well as your own brain.

And recently – one very popular online personality made public his (partial) “cutting of the cord” on his phone. The whole addictive nature of timeline flicking on time-wasters such as Instagram and Twitter. Time sucks for sure.

Goodbye Social Media

(Update two weeks later)

A smart improvement to cut off mobile

While Casey Neistat didn’t delete his accounts, he did something quite important. He removed them from his person while mobile.

That is a huge deal. No idea if he’ll keep that going, but it was a big step. Online personalities absolutely need multiple social media accounts for maximum profit. I mean he certainly can completely disengage most – if not all social media accounts, and still have a very profitable YouTube channel – but he’s milking the cow while the going is (still) good.

But there will be a whole new wave of online social media accounts during the next phase. You know, the one that kills at least one, or hopefully several of the most used platforms. There already are several noteworthy platforms that are growing substantially.

Interesting times ahead for sure.

goodbye social media - Goodbye Social Media

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