Drugs (prescription pills) – time to re-evaluate?

Drugs (prescription pills) – time to re-evaluate?

Does anyone even think about the medical industry in general? Especially when it comes to all these drugs (prescription pills)?

We’re fascinated by how dominant the topic of “healthcare” has been over the past few decades. Each year it gets more and more prominent in the public square. And especially since that retarded “Affordable Healthcare Act” some previous puppet and his team forced on Americans.

But why all this frenetic talk about health? Is it a true public concern, or just one that is simply manufactured?

We think the latter.

popping pills nobody challenges - Drugs (prescription pills) - time to re-evaluate?

People popping pills is perplexing

Most of us know about certain hot topics that have been getting more prominent lately. One of them being painkillers like OxyContin. We don’t need to rehash that nonsense. Just follow the money and exactly what happens to a human being when they take the so-called killer of pain.

Others include heart-related medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, and other supposed “ailments.”

Most of the discussion out there rarely includes the negative effect of SUGAR and so on, but we already know that the conversation is woefully incomplete – at least in the mainstream.

What fascinates us is the majority of people pop pills with utter blind faith. Reading the fine-print insert in your prescription bag does you no good. Most probably because it’s either very misleading or inaccurate – or carefully worded to purposely confuse you, and leave the producer off the hook for consequential damages. Story for another day.

But why are “pills” so widely used?

more pills in your hand - Drugs (prescription pills) - time to re-evaluate?

Do people expect magic solutions in pill format?

Almost all drugs are not solutions to problems. They’re “masks” for symptoms. In other words, pain-killers obviate the discomfort of pain – but do nothing to stop what is causing the pain.

That can be understandable for people who have short-term pain (while they heal). Broken bones, bruises, nerve-damage, and others. Some human pain can be downright excruciating to the point where it is unbearable without. Those are the rare circumstances where a remedy might help. However, determined individuals can do without (we flushed our 100-pill bottle of Vicodin down the toilet after just trying one pill after back-surgery 15 years ago. That stuff is scary!)

But there are pills for almost anything! Often times, we wonder if they flat-out INVENT diagnosis’ just so they can peddle pills. (Restless Leg Syndrome is the first thing that comes to mind. Stop eating carbs, and that “fake” ailment goes away most of the time).

More importantly, is why are so many “non-physicians” easily willing to follow “doctors orders” when it comes to prescribed medication? Or better yet – why are so many people visiting the doctor? I suspect that almost anyone taking a “blood test” today will have something negative come up in the “results,” in which your doctor will try and scare you into thinking something is drastically wrong with you – and that a prescription of XYZ is recommended – or else you will suffer and die.

In other words – why are few people challenging whether they even need to take ANY drugs, medication, or pills at all? Or why prescription pill usage has skyrocketed each decade to the point where most pharmacies have “drive-thru” windows? Fear? Ignorance? Greed?

too many prescription pills and drugs - Drugs (prescription pills) - time to re-evaluate?

Healthy lifestyle, cut through the fluff, natural remedies

No doubt – just based on casual observations – America is unhealthy.

The easiest to spot is obesity. Each time we travel throughout the tri-state area we are blown away. The number of grossly obese people (more women than men) grows (no pun intended) each time.

The number of “ailments” as a result of that condition are too numerous to list! It’s like a slot jackpot for the medical industry. Pills, pills, and more pills!

Obesity is a relatively slow-killer, too – and can keep millions of people on the drug rolls for plenty of time to enrich the Big Pharma industry massively (no pun intended) before their customers finally conk-out for good.

Living healthy (and avoiding mainstream advice) is the best prescription anyone could follow. But how do they cut through the fluff exactly?

crazy pills - Drugs (prescription pills) - time to re-evaluate?

Next to impossible for average people to get to the other side

Like a complex gauntlet of confusion, fear, misinformation, and much more – it’s safe to say that almost no one can make it through.

Most ordinary people are dumb (or grossly ignorant of the truth). Especially after decades of total bullshit information. Almost always, they move from one bad lifestyle to another (like gluten-free, etc.)

Those who have discovered the truth are few in numbers compared to the rest of the world. They’re outnumbered, and even if they can get an audience for their revelations – even then, they cannot make much headway. Not only are they outnumbered, but they’re also hardly equipped to combat the billions of dollars available for propaganda and influencing the “dark side” (collusion, lobbying, etc.)

While there is lots of “anti” information online, and in select outlets, they’re hard to find. Anything that does make it to the mainstream often gets a paltry amount of airtime in comparison to the bullshit. Only every now and then do you get some sort of bombshell scandal or settlement that is used as a sacrificial lamb to appease the dissenters. Those quickly get buried anyway – and business goes on in the medical industry.

drugs prescription pills overrated - Drugs (prescription pills) - time to re-evaluate?

If you didn’t make it – it’s a lost cause

Sadly – we think the whole drugs and prescription quagmire is a lost cause for regular citizens.

Other than refusing to even visit your doctors (as well as ignoring their pill-pushing if you DO go), there is not much that people can do. Starving the beast is one of the most effective ways to institute change. But it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Discussions do happen in obscure corners of the world – but not nearly enough to make any kind of impact. Too many people are just out of the loop. And the resistance from those who profit the most is WAY TOO STRONG.

It’s not fun to give up on a noble cause. Helping others on an individual basis is still beneficial. We just don’t see the tide changing in the grand scheme of things.

We can only imagine what the long-term effects might be on humanity.

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