Pier C Jumper OK


Figures Hoboken411 was in a “meeting” when a dramatic air/sea rescue takes place by the still-to-be-completed Pier C (joke) of a park.

hoboken jumper pier c park - Pier C Jumper OK

Nuts and bolts: Some guy jumps in river. Rescue is called. Helicopters, NYPD and Hoboken rescue boats, lights, sirens, radio activity, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Bottom line: He’s ok, taken to hospital.

It’s now OK to: Continue watching TV or get some rest!

Your next step: Guess the reasons why he jumped. I say…

  • “It’s been a while since a David Roberts Ribbon Cutting… I’m through!”
  • “Pier C stands for ‘Pier Cuicide!!!’ (he had spelling issues)” or..
  • “Pier C stand for ‘the Copter that will rescue my ass!'” or…
  • “you fill in the blank!”

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also this picture is from uptown by what I’m guessing is the stevens parking , this guy jumped down by trinity n The Quays.


I happened to be walking my dog down there when all of this happened. The guy who jumped was a local homeless guy that I had seen around a few times , Prior to jumping he was walking up and down the street just screeming listen to me, one guy turned around and ask him what he wanted and he just kept saying listen to me. I was carrying a huge tarp, which he later tried usign as a raft in the water before swimming under the pier making it difficult for the police to get to him. The cops tried convincing him not to jump by going into the bars and asking for a beer or two for the guy , when they finally got one he just jumped.

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”103282″][quote comment=”103242″]The next day, I walked past my “footprint” from the night before and one of hoboken’s strongest was sweeping the street, which I also pay for.[/quote]

Or even better – my former condo complex had a pool. Since I paid monthly maintenance, which included pool filtering and chemicals, did that mean I could have peed in the pool? I mean, the filter, which I pay for, would have cleaned it.


Dont even front. You Know You Peed In That Pool!!! Everyone does it!!!

Biffy B For Mayor
Biffy B For Mayor

[quote comment=”103236″]If you ask me they should of let this dickhead sink. Sounds like an awful lot of resources and taxpayer dollars at work because some chump either got dumped and depressed or had one to many shooters at happy hour. Does anybody know if these cowards get a pretty heafty fine or ticket??[/quote]

WTF is a shooter? Are you a 54 year old southern woman?

unbroken chain

I hope you live as you speak.