Why you should delete your social media accounts

You ever think you can do it? Delete your social media accounts? Have they become such an integral part of your daily life that you cannot?

Or better yet, have you thought of the other side of the coin? How you might benefit? There is a lot to unravel here (for those who have not already.)

Why you should delete your social media accounts

Do they care about you (really)?

Everyone should try it (kicking the social media to the curb). Realize the nefarious “actors” behind the scenes. Live free again.

We’re seriously considering it. It’s a tough decision when it’s a business. While none of our personal life is online, we might just benefit in other ways by distancing ourselves entirely. (We know “businesses” out there that use the social media platforms for publicity – as it is becoming more clear by the day that the majority of people care not to use those “complicated” or “difficult” things called “web browsers,” but we digress…)

Frankly – at this point in time – it may be a prudent thing to do. Wait until the next big thing which will replace. Most likely won’t be “GAB,” as they’re already mired with a TON of negative misinformation. And any “new” thing that takes the world by storm will likely have the same bullshit privacy problems as all that came before them.

A waiting game.

We’re hoping it’s back to the roots – rather than the bots and algorithms.

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