Hoboken’s new “dynamic” pricing zones for parking {dumb}

Hoboken’s new “dynamic” pricing zones for parking {dumb}

Further in this article is the diagram for Hoboken’s latest new “dynamic” pricing zones for parking.

We think it’s dumb and not well thought-out.

The brilliant concept here is that if it’s too costly – people will choose to park in the “cheaper” zones to save money. As a (hopeful) intended result – that the more popular areas will have less parked cars and more availability because it’s too “costly.”

That is the problem.

Their pricing disparities were almost negligible in terms of economic impact! SHORT SIGHTED!

$3.60 per hour in the red zone, versus $2.00 per hour in the green zone.

Say some group of idiots want to come to Hoboken to drink over-priced drinks at some stupid bar and want to stay for FIVE hours.

$18 for parking in the red zone, versus $10 in the green zone. A couple of bucks chipped in will pay for parking, no problem!

If a whopping $8 makes a difference on their night – then they probably shouldn’t be drinking at a bar in the first place.

(In other words – NO ONE (OR NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE) WILL BE DISCOURAGED to make ANY impact on the parking crisis in Hoboken!)

hoboken dynamic parking pricing model map - Hoboken's new "dynamic" pricing zones for parking {dumb}

Hoboken priced it WRONG

We don’t like draconian principles whatsoever. If the dopey “elected” politicians planned cities intelligently, they’d never need such control mechanisms in place. This is just “band-aiding” their own collective mistakes past and present.

However, if you want this dumb-ass plan to work out – where there is ALWAYS parking on Washington Street and other “high profile” areas, they priced the parking ALL WRONG!

It should probably be EXORBITANTLY EXPENSIVE to have the “luxury” of parking on the main drag.

Such as $10 per 15 minutes – or something along those lines.

Ah ha – you run into a bit of a quagmire, however…

“It’s not affordable!” (Discrimination against poor people!!)

This is exactly why some fancy word like “dynamic” just doesn’t work.

For one, they use that word to mask the fact that the pricing is different. Sounds all cool, but it’s not.

You know deep inside – they WANT to make parking $10 for 15 minutes. That would truly work quite well. Parking would be a BREEZE on Washington Street and other “red” areas on their stupid map.

But you’d get backlash. From the ordinary people who wish to park there, but it’s economically out of their reach. Then the Social Justice Warriors would soon step in and create a bogus race, class, or other “offense” that the city of Hoboken is only catering to the rich folks.

Frankly, the same can be said about their current plan. $8 to some people living in the ghetto is a big deal. It might even be an hour or two of work (after taxes) just to park a car near their destination. Outrage, right?

Revolving door of problems never solved

Heck, I commend the city of Hoboken for trying at least. It’s just that their efforts are shitty. Kind of self-defeating.

Overly micro-managed. They all live in a bubble. Coming up with concepts that sound good on paper does not translate well in real life.

You have to go “all in” or not at all.

These minor price differences will not impact the poor parking situation in Hoboken. You have to make the “premium” zones truly a luxury for it to have any effectiveness. A few pennies here and there will not impact enough people to make conscious decisions to walk a few extra blocks. Not gonna happen. Because SJW’s.

If they made the premium spots very expensive – there will undoubtedly be “victims” (we do live in a victim-based society in 2019 big time). Even now – with these very “subtle” price differences, there might still be some pushback.

But if we were in charge – we’d be thrilled to jack up the price to $10 per 15 minutes on Washington Street. Our reaction to any back-lash would be “So what! Go fuck yourselves and vote us out next election! You’re paying or getting towed, asshole!”

People need strong leaders. Not sniviling, sneaky douchebags like Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla.

hoboken dynamic pricing parking lost cause - Hoboken's new "dynamic" pricing zones for parking {dumb}

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