“For a Month” is total nonsense

For a month – 30 days – not long enough!

Most of those “for a month” videos or stories – total BS.

Very popular these days are videos or stories about people who “tried” something for 30 days. No sugar. Going vegan. Not drinking. Working out. Whatever it is.

While somewhat “entertaining” and maybe containing a nugget or two of truth – they’re very incomplete.

Any personal change requires a lot more than 30 days. Doing something for such a short time is akin to dipping your toes in the water.

Almost all positive changes take years. Don’t buy the hype from these lame videos. The insight, while mildly interesting, is nowhere near revelational! Most of the knee-jerk reactions the majority of people have don’t come close to “understanding” much. It takes a special person to cut through the fluff with spot-on accuracy. Here are a few examples

Quitting Social Media for 30 days

We like Matt in general – but he has that millennial “defect,” where he is too apologetic and never closes the deal on any of his revelations. Great filmmaker, but absolutely frustrating to clearly see that missing link that he is totally blind to. It’s like people have been subconsciously conditioned to carefully use wording that doesn’t offend a single soul.

Going vegan for 30 days

Same goes for Wheezywaiter – good storyteller – but lacks true honesty.

Most 30 day videos are click-bait

There are thousands of other similar videos. Most of them usually involve some kind of transformation. Either ego-driven (appearance) or addiction (quitting something).

In the end – other than seeing the reaction or change, they don’t tell the whole story about anything. Just look at how awful vegans look (and feel) after years! Sickly! That is why so many vegans are switching over to carnivore.

While interesting to hear other people’s anecdotes if you’re attempting something similar, the only way to be the change you want is to do it yourself. But content creators these days are always looking for something different. Heck, we even tried the $10 a day eating challenge more than a decade ago, so we understand part of the motives. (We can easily do less than $5 a day with Carnivore, FYI).

for a month 30 day videos

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