Doom Porn Pimps Watching Movies Projected On Prison Walls

Excellent read, regardless of the conclusions. This type of product you will not find in any mainstream publication (such as the fledgling NYT). Regardless if you agree or not – thought-provoking writing is profoundly absent in 2019.

Most outlets just try to shape the public narrative, which is pathetic.

doom porn - Doom Porn Pimps Watching Movies Projected On Prison Walls

Doom Porn Pimps Watching Movies Projected On Prison Walls

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

Paradoxically, some of the most difficult questions are quite simple to ask. Examples might include:  Who do we think we are? Who are we really? What are we doing? Why do we do what we do? Is there something better we should be doing? What does winning look like? How would we define success in our current and future circumstances? What must be done to get where we want to be?

Formulating and phrasing those inquiries is easy enough- even if the answers take some more time and consideration. Yet the real irony is that the questions are rarely asked, let alone answered.  And even if we were to internally canvass those queries, any resolutions would ultimately be guided by ideology, or intellectual constructs, and tempered by circumstance.

For instance, it would be one thing to ask and answer those types of questions during a time of relative peace and prosperity, and quite another during difficult ongoing situations such as war, surviving post-apocalyptical scenarios, or staying alive in a gulag-style prison encampment, just to name a few.

In every circumstance, our personal perceptions of identity are derived from the stories we tell ourselves. Of course, some of the narration may have originated from external sources but the feedback loops don’t become part our identity until we accept them readily into our ongoing internal dialogue.  Someone can say you’re good looking but that won’t be how you see yourself until you believe it by saying to yourself:  “Yeah, I kind of am”.

We’re aware and we KNOW we’re aware.  Or, as the seventeenth-century French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes phrased it:  I THINK, therefore I AM.  And there is an interactive dialectic at play within those statements that is, in fact, how we converse with ourselves; how we curse ourselves for saying something stupid or when we laugh at our own jokes.  We think while being aware of what we’re thinking and that’s how we tell ourselves stories; regardless from whence the tales originated. It is how bullshit travels the entire world like ocean waves, except with even more force than gravity’s tug on tides.

Stories can bind or tear apart. They can soothe or roil individual relations, families, societies, and nations.  A powerful narrative proves time and time again how faith moves mountains.

The stories in our heads play as movies in our minds; even to the point of framing our very identities.  So much so, entire cultures are comprised of those believing the same tales; complete with common heroes and a universal accord regarding the wrong stuff that motivates mutually condemned enemies and villains.

Again, the stories we tell ourselves are “tempered by circumstance”, which is just another way of saying they are “refined by reality”.  In three-dimensions are the stories cast in fires of actual experience; where falsehoods are flamed away and truth gets forged like swords in a furnace.

Time and circumstance affects the stories we tell ourselves, even unto the formation of our very identities. So, too, are heroes and villains classified in the same manner.  During periods of prosperity or hardship these polemic constructs form our internal dialogues to varying degrees, before bending, or breaking, by reality’s bite.

This is why some claim it’s better to be safe than sorry; or to cast yourself on the rock, before the rock crushes you. To be sure, the stories play in our heads like motion pictures in the mind that are scripted and directed by time and circumstance; and towards specific outcomes for both good and bad.

Consider, for example, the 2016 Presidential Election. In that contest, Donald Trump secured the votes of a large percentage of Evangelical Christians which could not have happened even just a decade prior.  What changed?  Well, in the minds of the evangelicals, Trump was the answer to veritable villains and witches.  In that season, the starring roles in those stories were awarded to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Certainly, the “times” soon required a man like Trump; flaws and all.  And, undeniably, it was time and circumstance that allowed the Moral Minority to vote for a philandering whore-monger.  Since that time, to this very day, the story these Christians tell themselves reads as follows:

“He’s not a man of God, but he is God’s man for such a time as this.”

Look who stands against Trump: The Deep State, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood celebrities, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Liberal Democrats, international globalists, Fabian Socialists, the Rainbow Coalition, the LBGT crowd, Social Justice Warriors, pro-choice advocates, and politically correct thought-controllers.

Now there are those who, according to the stories in their mind, believe Trump to be “God’s Hammer”, as it were, pummeling devils on the political stage.  These people believe in main street America, strong borders, and values embodied by the Ten Commandments, Norman Rockwell, and President Donald J. Trump, in that order.

And the stories are perceived in various ways.

Like, for example, in the imaginings of how different the geopolitical landscape would look currently if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency in 2016. Instead of that dystopia, there are reports of Uranium One and Fusion GPS in the mainstream media and the anatomy of a coup by Deep State actors which has, in turn, revealed the greatest constitutional crisis since the Civil War; even as the Democrats in the Senate opposed a bill against infanticide and the Democrat-controlled U.S. House have introduced tyrannical “Green New Deal” mandates along with major gun control measures.

Yet, President Trump stands tall and proud against all of that darkness; seemingly, as a last stop before leftist totalitarianism.

Moreover, Trump has promised to protect America’s borders with a glorious southern wall as a symbol of security against dangerous foreign invaders and villainous adversaries. Of course, the wall is symbolic – but it stands for national sovereignty and constitutional law against complete subjugation by the globalists.  And it matters not if there are easier and less expensive ways to enforce current immigration laws.

So Trump’s wall, as a political paradox, shows the importance of stories. The name of this tale is called:  “Make America Great Again”.

To others, however, Trump’s wall is a symbol of another type: A dividing barricade separating humanity by archaic Long Nineteenth Century colonialism and imperialism paired to American exceptionalism and privilege.

The story playing in the minds of those on the left is a science fiction epic; a blend between Star Trek and Star Wars whereby they perceive themselves as characters from the infamous Star Wars bar scene while remaining proud citizens of Star Trek’s federation boldly going where Man has always failed before. Except, this time, it will be different because they are the ones they’ve been waiting for.

2 pimp star wars bar scene copy - Doom Porn Pimps Watching Movies Projected On Prison Walls

To them, Donald Trump represents an interloping hybrid between a Ferengi and a Klingonserving at the whim of an evil Romulan Russian overlord by the name of Vladimir Putin.  Yet, even as the Executive Intruder had infiltrated the Federation’s established utopia, there were those in in the upper echelons of law enforcement and justice willing to sacrifice their sacred honor for “A Higher Loyalty” and to stave off “The Threat”.  Even now, the battles continue daily against the Great White Menace and his cadre of loyal followers, red-hat adorned rednecks, and white-hooded storm-troopers.

In this movie, the actors see themselves onscreen, bulwarked behind boundaries of bejeweled blue-states and standing strong against the red tide.  They are the enlightened ones, steeped with culture and class, inhabiting urban techno-wonderlands of modern Elysian Fields; shining cities where dreams come true and guns are mere bad memories of a primitive past.

It is the story of “One World without Borders”, where the only existing walls surround the expansive estates of the elite masters and protectors.  Where all are guaranteed income and everyone receives a tiny house with smart meters, smart appliances, cell-phone-sized smart cars, and salvation through near-negligible carbon footprints.

But why do those who were once anti-war now embrace America’s Military Industrial Complex and its foreign interventions in far-off places like Syria and Ukraine? Why do they cry for children separated from parents at America’s southern border while endorsing post-birth abortions? Why do they simultaneously advocate for woman’s rights and for those who favor female genital mutilation? Why do they desire the confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens so only criminals and police-states can possess them?

Because narratives are contagious; because everyone loves a good story and humans are eminently receptive vessels. That’s why.

Indeed. The stories in our minds determine our very identities and who we think we are determines the lies we believe and the lies we tell.

Even as illusions shatter like mirrors thrown into concrete walls.

There are many who still support Trump while other deplorables remain  disillusioned with the president for stacking his administration with elite bankers, bombing Syria twice over obvious false flags, the $1.3 trillion Omnibus, calling the Clintons “good people”, tweeting while proverbial Rome burns, losing the House, unfulfilled promises and broken dreams.

For those on the left:  Mueller has shot blanks, the Teflon Don still stands, no blue wave in the 2018 Midterms, Trump’s economic policies have realized success in the near-term, his popularity hovers between 40-50%, and the newly won U.S. House now stands divided between the corrupt old-guard and the Green New Deal sprouts growing like weeds over the graves of the founding fathers.

So, too, are there those outside standing in the allegorical prison yard holding up “End of the World” banners for the detainees inside viewing the various motion pictures.  Out in the ether, the guard towers reach for the heavens as the film projectors run inside, tended by the wizards and wardens behind the curtain, surrounded by guards dressed liked the gay sons of Ironmanand Robocop.

3 pimp police copy - Doom Porn Pimps Watching Movies Projected On Prison Walls

But even out in the extremes, The Woke and The White have their own stories.  To the former, Trump is a Nazi, and to the latter Trump is a Jew; or at the very least, one who cowers before them.

What the hell is it about Trump, anyway?  Because, like his presidential predecessor, he’s a human green-screen.

While ANTIFA thugs and Black Lives Matter mobs go hunting for MAGA caps and the alt-right splinters apart over ideology and identities, the online debates center on whether or not the Holocaust actually happened; even as “Godwin’s Law”  reigns in the great digital divide:

Godwin’s law

A maxim stating that the longer an online debate continues, the higher the likelihood that a comparison will be made to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis.

So our thoughts bounce from one end to the other like the disk in an air hockey game; like a jilted lover’s thoughts revert back to the last love as the current one moves on; or how every conversation drifts into Hitler and every imagined future becomes biblical Armageddon.

But that’s how stories work. They ascend and descend together to the highest of heavens and the depths of hell; racing to God and the devil at once.  Yet both extremes reinforce and weaken each other at the same time; in effect, cancelling the other out as the snoozing middle steadily sleepwalks toward the cliff.

Just as the highest echelons of society have succumbed to an international crime syndicate that’s taken control of nearly every electronic gateway, the great unwashed remain divided like prison gangs rioting and reciting the words of online prophets and doom porn purveyors.

And for what?  It’s a simple question.

What if all of it was fake news?  What if only some of it were true?

If the beasts and dragons are so powerful, then why the need for theatrics? Why keep us at each other’s throats?  Yet, even now, there are those who believe the battles are real and that true justice is coming to America:

…here is what we can expect:


    End of the Mueller investigation.

    Declassification of the FISA Documents.

    Release of the DOJ/FBI OIG report on the FISA warrant application process.

    Public awareness of the ongoing grand jury investigations being carried out by US    attorneys.

    Justice for must of us, PAIN for the criminals.

Perhaps the reason we’re never convinced of anything is because we don’t want to be fooled. At the same time, it’s been said:  “Cynicism is armor against disappointment”.

In contemplating these questions, this blogger recently viewed a YouTube interview whereupon the person being interviewed discussed Game Theory, civilizational bottlenecks, land mass, evolution, and population growth. Therein, a claim was made that culture is subordinate to genome and this quote:

Tyranny is the end-game of prosperity and at the point that the growth-frontiers run out we effectively turn on each other

Is that what is happening?  Because it sort of seems inevitable; like the tide going out, or a tsunami soon to hit.  And in the minds of most, the stories contain linear logic – regardless of whether or not they’re true. Any tale, even the tall ones, denote the progression of time with a beginning, middle, and end; for denouements either good or bad.

Here are the plot lines which transpired last week

President Trump worked tirelessly overseas to denuclearize North Korea in the interest of world peace while the media spewed electronic fire and lies like dragons:  First, they said, Trump would give away the farm.  Then, when Trump walked away from the nuclear negotiations with the Norks, he was labeled a failure as the talks collapsed.  

In the meantime the Democrats displayed evidence of Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, sodomizing small pets as Cohen squealed like a pig just as the President was striving for world peace on foreign soil.

All this, even as the Democratic Party controlled House voted to pass the most sweeping gun control legislation in decades; thus, once again, poking the 2nd Amendment bear in the eyes.

Whether the stories are real or fiction, it matters not.  It ends in civil warfare and a better-than-average chance that many people will soon die.  Sadly, there is a possibility the red hats could lose such a war against the state because a prison insurrection based upon stories projected onto electronic walls are doomed to failure.

In fact, that could be exactly what the prison wardens and guards want as their end game.

At the same time, if Trump were a reality TV archetype, and his opponents were all stage actors, than cynicism, finger pointing, and name calling on the internet will also never win the war.

And what if the war was not meant to be won?

Obviously, the Deep State has administered the controlled demolition of the America to burn the U.S. Constitution prior to building a new one-world system upon its ashes. To The Powers That Be, we are considered “useless eaters” and ready for slaughter. Their ultimate goals are global domination via Agenda 21 mandates, the demise of constitutional law and nationalism, depopulation and, ultimately, the administration of their satanic 10 commandments as outlined in the Georgia Guidestones.

For the technocratic elite, their hope is eternal life via the Singularity, Technological Transhumanism and uploading of their minds into the cloud forever.  That is the movie playing in their minds, currently, and it’s like the Steven Wright joke: “I want to live forever. So far, so good.

… then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods…

– Genesis 3:5

In any case, even if Trump were real, the only way he could stem the tide and drain the swamp, would be via massive systemic changes.  Regrettably, the demographics aren’t there.  How could there be victory when a fair percentage of any leader’s army considers him a ruse?  And if the leader is a ruse, then how could victory be possible?

Like the old proverb says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

But what if the vision was television?

Although the will to win resides within the noble hearts of the remnant standing outside in the prison yard, it would be like bringing steel shanks and cloth-wrapped glass shards to a gunfight; unless the desktop warriors, stackers, plinkers, and preppers get wise and follow the script of a true story where the good guys actually win in the end.

In any event, no matter what happens next, and regardless of how the ultimate story unwinds, it won’t be boring; and that should make for happy endings all around.  Who ever wanted to live out their last days in a nursing home anyway?

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