“Keeping us safe” in Hoboken {Security or Freedom?}

“Keeping us safe” in Hoboken {Security or Freedom?}

We see a lot of weak social media posts along the lines of replies to “official” (authoritarian) sources like police – that say “Thank you for keeping us safe” (insert name of nanny state Orwellian – armed – entities here).

The cheerleaders of authority over others need to be carefully examined.

The whole concept is hard to comprehend by most ordinary lemmings in society.

A quote from Ben Franklin might help:

ben franklin liberty - "Keeping us safe" in Hoboken {Security or Freedom?}

What happened to taking care of yourself?

Most people used to be able to “fend” for themselves. Male or female (yes, the two genders).

Unless overwhelmed by a “gang” to some degree – people could ensure that they could not be taken advantage of. By fighting back if necessary.

Today, and much too often, people (think) they “need” police to help them almost all the time. Did you see that some stupid kindergarten teacher actually called the cops for some classroom hijinks? From a 5-year-old? Or some dumb bitch that called police because of humping at the dog park? That is what it has come to.

People now have been conditioned to believe think that they are no longer in control of their outcome. That they need some “authority” to step in and take care of them.

That disturbs us.

michelle dione call the cops meme - "Keeping us safe" in Hoboken {Security or Freedom?}

Why is that disturbing?

I’ll tell you why.

It relinquishes power from the people to have that mindset that you cannot or should not fend for yourself.

You have rights. Did you forget?

To expect or believe that it is someone elses responsibility to help YOU any time is ludicrous. Most folks have forgotten that. Calling “911” is way too frequent. And it causes more problems that it ever solves (i.e., government records, etc.)

Solve your own problems. If someone fucks with you on the sidewalk – FUCK WITH THEM BACK. That is how you earn street credibility. Don’t be a pussy and feel compelled to “call the police” every time something goes awry.

Be prepared to take care of yourself in this crazy world. Because the “cops” are slow and not guaranteed like your pizza delivery. Everyone is human – and fallible.

keeping us safe call the cops tell them everything - "Keeping us safe" in Hoboken {Security or Freedom?}

Why don’t citizens have the energy to band together?

I see all these weak pansies who want all the good things in life – but are never ready to defend themselves.

They want to live in a dense city and have zero skills to fight or handle dicey situations.

Always relying on some (entirely property-taxpayer-funded) entity to come to their rescue.

Or even worse – “control” how others want to have fun.

(The Hoboken police “chief” gloriously tweets about stupid marijuana arrests – how ridiculous is that charade exactly?) And more importantly – why do YOU give a shit about what someone else puts in their bodies. Mind your own business, fat ass!

If you are strong – and can handle your situations without calling the stupid cops – you’re much better off. That is the way the world used to work. Before most of you became weak little children unable to wipe your own ass.

If the calls to cops for useless shit dropped 90%, maybe then there would be a chance to lower property tax bills in Hoboken once and for all. Stop calling the cops.

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