Identified as stupid {confirmed}

Identified as stupid {gender-based sports}

This is utterly mind-blowing. That this subject is even being given any airtime or debate.

Mob of lunatics among us!

And did you see how calculated and politically-correct that poor girl was? She seemed “programmed.” The external actions absolutely DID NOT mirror her internal (possibly subconscious at this point) feelings. Something terrible is going on!

To those who glowingly embrace allowing men to participate in women’s competitions, answer these very simple questions:

  • If I was a 25-year-old major league pitcher, but “identified” as a 13-year-old, would I be able to play in Little League?
  • What if I had a full-time job, and “identified” as unemployed, could I get unemployment benefits and a SNAP card?
  • Same goes for if I was 14-years-old, and “identified” as a 23-year-old, could I buy alcohol legally?
  • What if I “identified” myself as a cripple? Could I park in a handicap spot?
  • And what if I was 30-years-old, and “identified” as a 70-year-old, could I collect social security?

If you answered NO to any of these – then why doesn’t that LOGIC apply to your acceptance when it comes to other situations where people “identify” with THINGS THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT!?

sad state of affairs identifying as stupid - Identified as stupid {confirmed}


Change the names to fix the problem

To counteract these assholes who hijack terminology and words – the competitions should no longer be “labeled” as MEN and WOMEN, but instead use specific definitions for who the participants shall be:

► ♀ – Individuals born with boobs and vaginas only (used to be called “women.”)
► ♂ – Individuals born with penises only (used to be called “men.”)

That would solve the problem, but wouldn’t sound so smooth. But how can that be hijacked?

THIS IS SIMPLY SUBVERSION OF SOCIETY. Don’t let them play you. And don’t look like a stupid retard by paying ANY respect to this utterly nonsensical sickness that is upon the world.

identifying with stupid gender subversion connecticut - Identified as stupid {confirmed}

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