Avoid Wallethub {data is complete BS!}

Avoid Wallethub and others {data is complete BS!}

This new trend of “data analysis” or whatever the proper buzzword is – has to stop. It’s one reason to avoid Wallethub and any other sites that use (so-called) statistics as their “methodology.”

Which are just many of the ways they turn manipulated data into click-bait, which people take hook, line, and sinker.

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“Take that city to the doctor right away!”

Methodology is fancy wording for “made up”

Here are some interesting points to consider:

  • Most statistics these sites use are questionable at best (because most stats are naturally incomplete) or downright fraudulent (because most entities FUDGE data for their benefit).
  • These dumb list sites think they’re being up-front about their “methodology,” and to some degree they are. But NO ONE questions their stupid “weightings!” The importance of each (already flawed) stats VARY PER INDIVIDUAL! You can tinker around with your methodology to adjust the rankings to your desire! A few ticks one way or another – and the entire list order changes! They do this often to get advertisers! Or to “rank” a certain way! Fake!
  • They are relying on dummies to just take these articles as fact. It’s clear they influence more people than they should. About 0.01% of the people think like us. Via personal experience and personal observation over time. We’d NEVER make a life decision based on these articles.

I guess what bugs us more as time passes – is that sites (such as Drudge, for instance) actually take them seriously. I mean Wallethub is really just another player in the game of finance (with questionable privacy practices, etc. – like what do they offer for real?)

While I know we’re not alone in not buying the bullshit these sites like WalletHub push out – communicating that message to the majority of others that do is not easy.

You have to literally explain to people the flaws in such presentations. And any explanation that cannot be summed up in 140 characters – is essentially LOST these days. No one can have a rational discussion or debate anymore. It’s too complicated and difficult for the simpletons out there. Don’t get me started with other statistical “studies” either – like health or others.

What’s scary for humanity is – that most people who read those “lists” literally take them as FACT – with zero critical thinking.

Once the critical thinking aspect of humanity is gone – then it’s game over.

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