Would you ever re-think your online ritual?

Would you ever re-think your online ritual?

A good majority of ordinary people spend an incredible amount of time “online.” And not just on the internet or on their computers (desktop, laptop). But more and more on their mobile devices.

Like all day. Checking this, checking that. Swiping this, and liking that. I highly doubt much “long form” reading is taking place on those tiny screens.

As this new tech propagates by the minute – we wonder how many people ever take a “pause,” and literally contemplate what it all means. You know, “take stock” of their daily 24 hours.

Are they trying to hustle for a few bucks? Wasting time? Entertaining themselves? Getting caught up in something that didn’t exist a year ago? Each circumstance surely has individual explanations. Some valid, most others entirely invalid and unjustifiable.

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Not going to happen, but should!

So here is a handy list of questions you can run through – just to frazzle your mindset just a bit. This is not for people who use online platforms solely for business.

Top 10 Questions to ask yourself about your digital habits

  1. Why do you tap on your phone all the time? Are you uncomfortable otherwise? Are you literally being productive – or can you live without it? If so – why do you keep doing it?
  2. Do you ever ask yourself why you have the need to refresh your timeline? Have you ever self-analyzed your own emotions depending on the output? (no likes vs. lots of comments, etc.?) Do you have envy towards anyone else? Even if you’d never admit it outwardly?
  3. Do “likes” make you happy? If so, why? What did you do before you started posting regularly on Facebook? Are you happy with yourself – even if no one knew?
  4. Have you noticed a change in your interaction with people? Both those you know – and strangers in new environments? What changes can you see?
  5. What do you talk about when you meet people you already know? How often does something you did or saw on your phone come up? Daily? What would you talk about otherwise?
  6. Can you tell a story without your phone as a prop or sidekick?
  7. Do you feel lost if you cannot connect, or your phone has no charge? Ever been “frantic” as a result? What does that tell you?
  8. Ever question yourself regarding why you need to take many “selfie” shots before you’re happy with the one you publish? Do you remember Instant cameras? Or limited exposure film?
  9. Could you spend a week, month, or year never using social media?
  10. Is life in 2019 possible without the new communication platforms? If not, why not? Is this one of those “Evolve or Die!” situations – or is there another way?
bathroom smartphone addiction digital online ritual - Would you ever re-think your online ritual?

Why you should always wash your hands if you touch someone else’s phone!

Don’t be a victim – reclaim your mind

We’ve experienced all variations of the digital disease in our lives. Being overly-absorbed and caught up in the web. And luckily saw the writing on the wall soon enough to truly cut the cord. And even more fortunate to have jumped ship before it got too nuts.

And by that, we mean that almost all of our daily rituals are now created deep within our minds – and very rarely because we were “influenced” by something online. Most frequently our actions are based on immediate needs and responsibilities. And that keeps us busy enough to be unable to complete our tasks every day. There is literally no time left for nonsense.

Our favorite benefit of avoiding the static is bedtime. A clean mind that is free to think about whatever – and not have fresh on the brain cells some stupid and utterly nonsensical crap that “took place” in some digital forum. Our sleep is sound and our dreams are uninfluenced by social ghetto chatter that was “trending” somewhere in a server room in Nevada.

Yes – we do have quite a bit of involvement in various platforms all over (if you only knew), but they’re so far removed from our persona (strictly business), that even that is hard to engage in because we don’t really want to do it. We just sort of have to.

I don’t know – I like the freedom my mind has. The lack of need to ever use our phone for anything.

Up for a challenge?

You ought to challenge yourself to find that (very fine) line between useful and useless online. There are plenty of places you can go to gain insightful information. Even without the typical “chatter” that takes place – especially for controversial subjects. It’s fascinating how discourse becomes unraveled with almost all subject-matter. Even the most mundane – like sewing or cooking. Online (often anonymous) interaction has some serious problems.

And don’t get us started on the “Fake” bullshit that exists out there. It’s clear that the goal is no longer being informative or helpful. It’s almost entirely about shaping public opinion and consensus with total stupid shit.

We have so much to say about this. More soon. I should make some fun t-shirts.

digital online rituals are you ready for change - Would you ever re-think your online ritual?

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