Ha! You can “save the planet?”

Ha! You can “save the planet?”

As moronic bans on things like plastic bags are trending – thank God many George Carlin videos will remain forever. Even if YouTube goes away – countless individuals have saved these just in case.

What is insane is, while this save the planet video is not shabby in it’s “views” (over 3.7 million), it pales in comparison to other top viewed garbage being consumed by mentally-enslaved morons. This particular clip “averaged” about 300k per year since it was published (not including the many other re-pubs). Popular, right?

No. To decimate that belief, retarded videos from useless entertainment distractions such as Katy Perry get 15M+ views in THREE DAYS or 2.5 BILLION views in just a couple years – is astonishing. (No one but insiders at YT know for sure. But it’s possible all numbers are manipulated for nefarious reasons… a story for another day…)

The things Carlin said were both prophetic and spot on. We sometimes wonder how the “truth-tellers” with any modicum of popularity might actually be getting “rubbed out” in some way. Made to look like sickness or accident. You know, people who “get in the way” of societal shifts the “elite” are striving to achieve. Another reason to believe that the “reach” of those who shine light is bigger than what you are led to believe.

Either way – it is a responsible thing to do to provide another outlet for consumption – to keep the heartbeat alive on such profoundly excellent material. Thankfully, it appears that the younger generation is becoming in tune with this once again. Hooray for revival!

save the planet george carlin - Ha! You can "save the planet?"

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