Social Justice Paper Towels {Bye Brawny!}

Social Justice Paper Towels {Bye Brawny!}

Just when you thought there were some limits to this social justice of equality and other nonsense. Now Brawny paper towels have to go in and screw everything up.

whos your shero - Social Justice Paper Towels {Bye Brawny!}

Why the need to change an image? What for?

Whatever the Brawny paper towel brand is or was – their initial marketing image was a strong man in a flannel shirt. That was a reliable image of what “brawny” literally is.

I cannot imagine how anyone would care enough to change it. They weren’t excluding anyone. They just picked ONE image they wanted to represent the brand.

You can’t eat every item on the menu when you eat out, either. Let that sink in. There is no outcry for food items that didn’t get picked. They just didn’t get picked.

But apparently via external or internal “pressure,” they collectively decided it was time to not only put women on the brand – but a “diverse” set of women, nonetheless. Include everything. Races. Disabilities. The whole cup of soup! Along with a retarded social media hashtag as well.

brawny strength has no gender paper towels - Social Justice Paper Towels {Bye Brawny!}

Why brands should remain firm in their decisions

Changing your brand image – even if just temporarily – is like playing a bad poker hand. You show your cards.

So now we know that the Brawny brand will bow down to the squeaky wheels. Their parent company is Georgia Pacific. They also make tons of other products like Dixie Cups – as well as millions of gallons of toxic chemicals.

I wonder if these new towels are sensitive – or will “cry” if there is a really messy spill. Or have a tough time cleaning once a month.

Perhaps catering to the SJW’s out there is just “damage control” in 2019. They appease the loud-mouths and that keeps the public pressure off the companies.

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the upper executives (if they haven’t been infiltrated already) are unhappy with the fact they have to spend money and resources to manage this relatively new outside pressure of the world. To protect their brand in the long run.

Either way, it’s unfortunate that such micro-managing “feelings” of others even has to be an issue. Why can’t they focus on making good products? Now that they have to PAY for stupid shit like marketing and image control – the end consumer likely is footing the bill via higher prices.

Other than the extreme cases – Does anyone know of any companies that have refused this social pressure and remained true to their roots?

brawny stay giant - Social Justice Paper Towels {Bye Brawny!}

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