Fake Reality {YOU!} {are not an image}

Fake Reality {YOU!} {are not an image}

One of the obvious aspects of our “technological evolution” is the literal degradation of the human soul. Long gone. Now taken over by the superficial devil and envy.

The “image” people put forth is extremely fake. So artificial for anyone that doesn’t partake in the daily pecking order ritual it makes our teeth hurt.

duck face social media fake reality - Fake Reality {YOU!} {are not an image}

Moronic expressions of fake glee

There is a true difference between expressions of genuine happiness – and those which are manufactured for the sake of a photograph. You can even pick it up from the professional models who do it for a living.

That whole open mouth trend has to stop. Sure, upon quick glance it can appear that something astonishing was happening at the moment the photo was snapped (an attempt at creating envy) – but it doesn’t take too long to realize its out of place.

Millions of photos and selfies with the same stupid expression. To try and convince the viewer that something exceptional is there. When it’s not.

You can see it everywhere {fatties with nice hair and makeup}

We can spot people in real life who we can almost guarantee that they have a prolific online social portfolio.

Very often it’s an extremely obese girl who seems to put a lot of effort into their face and hair. Perfectly made up and manicured. Shiny hair. Expensive sunglasses.

But the rest of their body screams “waiting room at the Doctor’s office!”

Their selfies online get lots of thumbs up, and “wow, pretty!” But they seem to have let the rest of them fall to shit.

And I suppose if someone came in and told them the truth “Lay off the cake, sweetheart!” there would be an angry mob of people attacking the truth-teller.

creepy open mouth smile psycho - Fake Reality {YOU!} {are not an image}

So fake, it’s creepy!

Why so over the top? What happened to honesty?

This is why we love candid photos taken when no one is looking. You get a much more accurate depiction of what it was like.

Posing is exactly that. For posers.

Sure, an occasional group photo for historical posterity isn’t a big deal. Even those “smiles” are forced, though.

And doesn’t anyone ever stop and think to themselves “Gee, I’ve been making these fake photos for a while – and it just doesn’t feel right. I’m gonna stop!”


They just fall deeper into the well of superficiality and continue. Because that seems to work for them. Whether it’s marketing a product – or simply just themselves. Yes, people rank their lives by how many “likes” their individual photos get even within a small social circle. It’s how a majority of people validate their lives.

Instead of using one much more important metric – the self-trending social network of one.

We wonder if this fake reality the bulk of our country is living in will ever change. And if so, when? How much longer can we travel down this road?

Fake reality instagram - Fake Reality {YOU!} {are not an image}

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