Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

Far more than half the people in Hoboken “supported” the utterly retarded Plastic Bag Ban that recently went into “effect.” It’s so useless and politically charged, we cannot comprehend why a single human being would not laugh it off.

plastic coffee cup outrage Hoboken NJ - Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

Yet – all those people with virtue-signaling reusable bags (even before the “ban”) are also walking around with plastic coffee cups for their iced-soy-bile drinks.

Why do they stop being so virtuous at a certain point?

What about all the plastic everywhere else in their daily lives?

  • Like cars? 50% of all cars are comprised of plastic!
  • Phones? Much of the circuit boards contain plastic. People upgrade those things every year!
  • Shoes? What do you do when your footwear wears out?
  • Pipes? Almost all homes and apartments have PVC plastic pipes! God forbid!
  • Packaging? Most of the crap you buy has plastic somewhere in it!
  • Writing utensils? Not that people use pens anymore – but still!
  • Cassette tapes? (That was a joke)

The point is – that “banning” plastic bags is nothing. A giant “nothing burger.” In fact, speaking of food – it seems that plastic finds its way into many of the mass-produced food the dopes around here eat, too!

Plastic bags singled out – why?

It’s utterly nonsensical to pick a poster child for this social justice movement. In reality – it makes zero difference. In fact, it’s a negative for humanity!

At least for the end results that they SAY they want to achieve. (i.e., “for the environment!”)

But what it DOES achieve is OPTICS.

plastic bag triggered - Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

She prefers reusable shopping bags.

The more people that “see” other fools walking around with their “reusable” bags – the more “acceptable” it becomes.

“Repeat some bullshit often enough, it becomes acceptable.” (Thanks to the lemmings still consuming propaganda on mainstream and social media).

Give it enough time, and weak-minded people stop going against the grain and join the mob just to avoid confrontation. It’s how you condition large masses of people. Sad, but true. Look at any of the recent SJW movements in the past 5-10 years, and you’ll notice a lot less resistance. Look at history as well. Many lessons there to learn from.

But that is dangerous – because mass conditioning of society doesn’t last too long. Especially if it is illogical and over-bearing. Common sense and human intuition will eventually right the ship – and a massive push back will happen. It’s how politics can quickly change. When they push the people too far. Those who are silent on the surface today may very well act otherwise tomorrow.

The “boiling of the frog” is what is happening here. Today it’s plastic bags. Tomorrow it will be your frickin’ phones. Don’t think that can’t happen. Sure, it may be far-fetched in today’s mindset – but it’s definitely along the same path of where this is all going. It’s why people constantly mention George Orwell and Ayn Rand to this day. The writing on the wall.

For those that can visualize the 30,000-foot view – we applaud you. The next step is to share your vision with others. Get people to think about these microscopic “feel good” virtues more deeply – and to connect the dots if they can. Critical thinkers are in high demand in 2019.

Have a nice day!

plastic bag challenge - Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

Footnote – there are some unintended benefits of social conditioning

PS – I wanted to add that if anyone is observant and aware – you can use these societal shifts to your advantage.

You can use these “signs” to assess people. Just by their immediately observable behaviors. You can tell who has “taken the bait” for various movements. Environment. Politics. And many other trends. Just by what individuals display in their public actions.

Like those who drive EV cars.

Or people who wear certain clothes.

And display bumper stickers.

This is beyond people you see via their timelines. Even complete strangers you don’t know. They wear their beliefs externally much of the time. This helps you when it comes to how you should present yourself. What is better to say (or not to say). A tactical advantage if you know what you’re doing.

(Displaying your allegiances physically is not a great idea. It may help in your circles – but in the long-term, it’s always disadvantageous. Strive to “be invisible” out in the public. Clothes, hair color, tattoos, political messages, flamboyance, etc.)

So use your observational skills for your benefit. Whether it’s in sales or just personal interaction. It’s like winning at poker every time because you can see all of their hands.

People can be very stupid because of their echo chambers.

banning plastic coffee cups in Hoboken NJ - Banning plastic cups at Starbucks and other coffee shops?

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