Follow-up {Early 2019 Edition} Follow-up {Early 2019 Edition}

Just over two years ago – we opined about – how it went from a pretty exciting online shopping site – to a “like no way this biz is surviving” mindest. It just did everything wrong in our opinions.

In early 2019 – after the cash-flow infusion merger with Walmart – they’re still around.

But are they really?

how long will jet com last - Follow-up {Early 2019 Edition}

How does stay in business at all?

We hadn’t looked at their site literally in two years. We checked again last week.

What a horrible shopping experience!

Just plain bad, a forced-feeling. Terrible UX (i.e., short for user experience).

Sure it felt a bit “slick” like some kind of retail store demo – but usability was shit.

Terrible options, nothing affordable. Crap “flow.” A total waste of time. Everything we “found,” could be had cheaper and faster elsewhere. Did I say the “UX” sucked?

This company should go out of businesses. They will not survive. I would normally bet on it.

If the world was logical.

But fake props and other seed money keep things going UNNATURALLY. But for how long? When will some greedy executive just pull the plug when enough is enough?

Can anyone name one compelling reason why anyone should switch from Amazon? Or any other online business for that matter?

If they survive through 2019 – it’s because of some other reason. Who knows what that might be. Blackmail? Fraud? Money laundering? Or something else? Fake, fake, fake business. I cannot imagine any level-headed person being a regular shopper at Jet.

Who shops here? What benefits are they getting? Doesn’t it feel out of place shopping at We hate it. No focus, no direction, no identity. Seems so forced. Even garbage sites like Target are better.


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