The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

We often shed light on very important things most people overlook when it comes to the way technology and social media are literally “shaping” people into something entirely new.

Some of our remedies include omission and reduction of usage, as well as finding other activities to do.

But what about an entire replacement for the social networks you use?

“The Self-Trending Social Network.”

It has one user and one follower.

And both of them are YOU.

You might ask – “what good is that?”

It’s so simple and clear, a caveman can do it!

sad robot - The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

Does human satisfaction have to be so limited?

It’s really a shame that articles like the one I’m writing here have to exist. It used to be the reality.

But with today’s psychological zoo that is in place, mostly thanks to technology and “human advancement,” an honest look at human satisfaction needs to happen.

What makes “us” happy?

Happiness is a wildly varied emotion. Almost too broad to simplify. Because, for instance, ridiculous things like “pain” are considered pleasurable to some. All about perspective I guess.

Certain aspects of our society do need singling out, though. In particular, the phenomenon which is known as social media. The “designers” of this human curse had a brilliant blueprint for addiction – which is soundly based on the human ego coupled with modern communication platforms.

Despite the easily available information ALL of us have (i.e., the mechanisms behind how to addict almost anyone), the addiction continues with minimal resistance. Why is that?

People love to “belong” or get “recognized.” It will always be a human condition.

But we all know it is NOT the “end all, be all” of status in the world you have a short time to participate in. Although it certainly is one to the top ones. Look at politicians and any celebrity for clues.

enjoying moments alone - The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

Self-satisfaction can be attained without external validation

My concept is nothing new. It’s more of a “revival” for lack of a better word.


Happiness has never needed external reinforcement.

Sure, getting “recognized” does appeal to the human ego. Pumps it up. And that is what all those “likes” online achieve. But in a micro-format. A majority of people nowadays get their little dopamine hits via micro-burst of digital recognition.

Practically meaningless when it comes to true long-term staying power. Addictive and “desired,” but easily forgotten in an instant for the most part. Some people, when depressed – check their “cloud” in order to revisit happier times in their lives. Even worse than looking through old photo albums.

But why aren’t more people suggesting being happy with yourself? Why is “loneliness” now an epidemic, despite the easy technological access?

Why external validation is so prevalent

Like we said, one of the core human emotions is recognition. It’s nice – but far from the ONLY need a human being has. It’s just one that is being taken advantage. By others.

It certainly is tied very closely to our egos. But oddly enough – the “ME” part of that ego is left out right before your very eyes.

It’s almost as if your happiness is nothing unless someone concurs with you (in modern times that means a like or comment).

Being happy for yourself seems to have been edited out of the human equation, no? Can you be happy all by yourself?

This is most likely why people take photos and videos of EVERYTHING THEY DO. Because just “doing” those things is absolutely no longer enough. Go to any popular destination – and observe, even if just for an hour. You’d be amazed.

Like we’ve said in the past, “If we don’t post and share – IT DID NOT HAPPEN.”

A sad state to be in, no?

being alone is a necessity for survival long term - The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

How to regain self-satisfaction – is it possible?

Alone time is a MUST if you want to understand.

One aspect of humanity that has changed dramatically in just the past 100 or so years – is ISOLATION.

When people were alone – whether it was just a few minutes, hours, or even days and weeks – they were TRULY alone. The communication lines were limited.

Being alone is part of life. Just because we didn’t have the wherewithal to communicate with others doesn’t mean it was bad. It just meant we were conditioned into being okay with solitude. Today people pay money to either meditate or similarly isolate themselves (retreats, vacations). Ridiculous.

Solitude is probably one of the most important aspects of humanity that have been profoundly overlooked as most of the modern world has become consumed by the non-stop interaction. Why has that been kicked to the curb so easily? How did we allow that to happen?

We feel that the influx of all these ways to psychologically manipulate oneself absolutely requires serious action to remediate. No short-term fixes. Or “five minutes a day” type fluff.

Here are some suggestions that may apply to your situation.

  • Unless you absolutely need social media for business – get rid of it. Even for friends and family. Toxic environment no matter which way you justify it.
  • If you do use it for business – try hard to keep it compartmentalized. If possible hire others to manage it for you. Regardless if you find success interacting with people online – it will indeed hurt you long term. Too many ways to list here. Money is short term. Mental health is life.
  • Drastically alter your social circle. This will likely happen naturally as you unplug from many of your social media accounts, so that’s nice. But having a neat tight-knit circle of friends you can either call – or see in person is preferred.
  • If you are on these accounts – use them for their intended purposes only. Do not get distracted by the myriad of hooks and triggers that are designed to keep you there. Do your direct interaction – and leave the premises!
  • Use your phone for only necessary and truly useful things. Not to kill time or just “check up” on things. 99.9% of “things” that people check up on are useless. No absolutely important information gained. Not easy for people conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog – but an incredibly free feeling. Leave your phone home and see what happens. If you are jittery when than happens – you have a problem.

There are many other suggestions we can add – the list would be a mile long.

But alone time – say in the car, or just walking along the sidewalk – without distractions (including music or headphones) is something of a lost art. Or perhaps the majority has simply become addicted to the new form of “interaction.”

We understand that life may seem as hectic as ever. People may want to listen to podcasts while walking to the PATH. Or catch up with others while they have some space in their schedules.

More important to ask is when did people become so “busy?” Is everyone hustling like GaryVee so bad that they have to be going on all cylinders at all times? Is that a fact and reality – or just something we’ve all be conditioned into doing or being?

Have people complicated their lives so tremendously that all of this non-stop brain action is really necessary? Or is it just our own doing?

We suspect the latter.

Yes, the world is competitive – and in some areas – being that high-speed wheeler and dealer may be required. But it’s the minority and not the majority.

Perhaps the fact that so many people are all over the map – it may very well be a pre-requisite for any personal and business relationship. But at that point, humanity itself has a problem. That is unsustainable. Next step is just robotics and drones. Humans were not designed (long term) for a lifetime of micro-interactions. And don’t cop out and say we’re “evolving.” This will not end well.

Interesting times ahead for sure. Wish we could be a fly on the wall in 200 years to read what writing is left on the wall.

self trending social network - The Self-Trending Social Network {how novel!}

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