McCarthy’s Pub – Doomed

McCarthy’s Pub Doomed – can anything succeed here?

Some businesses flourish in Hoboken – others do not. McCarthy’s Pub quietly closed about two weeks ago.

McCarthy’s Pub at 104 Hudson Street seemed to be in a prime downtown location, with close proximity to the PATH, and just steps away from other establishments that get semi-decent crowds on the weekend.

One would think that even with spillover traffic, this bar would have succeeded with ease. However, McCarthy’s is gone – and another optimistic bartender is trying his luck with this watering hole right next door to the city jail.

McCarthys Pub Doomed in Hoboken NJ

Why did McCarthy’s fail?

While I thought the work that went into this narrow “bowling lane” style bar was top-notch – there may be several reasons why it’s harder to do well here.

  1. Claustrophobic? The bar, while nice, just felt a bit stifling since it was so far away from any windows! And it had far too few seats!

Well – that’s the only reason I could come up with. It wasn’t because it was too close to the Police Station – and they weren’t short of scantily clad bikini babes walking around – so it must be layout and design, right?

After speaking with construction workers on scene this week, they expect the new ownership to re-open in early July.

What would make you want to visit this place?

11/6/2009 Update:

First impressions

I swung by the other day and had a few cold ones – and think it’s a fairly comfy bar to hang out in. Interior is very well done, and might make an especially good place to get cozy during the cold winter we’re expecting this year – especially with the built in fireplace they have in the back room.


10/29/2009 Update:

McCarthy’s Pub opens tonight

Haven’t had time to get down there this week – but they’re opening tonight. Catch game two of the World Series and enjoy $1 drafts all night. If anyone goes – snap some pics and let us know how you liked it.

9/17/2009 Update:

The Home Stretch

McCarthy’s Pub (104 Hudson) is coming along quite nicely – and they’re finally getting to the finishing touches (such as A/V, furniture, fixtures, etc).


The newest Hoboken pub is expecting to open up in the next two to three weeks. The long and narrow establishment will feature the bar at the very back, with many hi-top tables and bar stools spread throughout the front. EIGHT high definition TV’s will all the sports packages imaginable (minus probably the “mini golf channel”). I spoke with the audio guy because I was concerned about the noise and sound reflection on the brick walls – but he ensured me that they’ve got it covered and are “doing it right.”


Owner Steve Carr (who also owns Hoboken Pizza) is excited to announce that they’ll be serving pizza from said establishment, along with other types of bar food. Almost two years in the making – I can’t wait to give it a try!


8/20/2009 Update:

What’s the Dilly-O?

Not sure how many of you career drunkards are looking forward to a bar directly adjacent to the Hoboken Police Department – but either way – many of you cannot wait for another place to have a few enjoyable beverages, right?

When will they open? September? October? Beyond?


6/3/2009 Update:

While this isn’t much of an update per se (since originally announced baby nine months ago) – here’s what “appears” to be the new McCarthy’s Pub – with a fancy new awning.

However, the interior construction didn’t look much different than four months ago… So – would you attend a bar directly next door to Police Headquarters? Would you be in more trouble, or just feel safer?


1/8/2009 Update:

Back in September, I was wondering if the eventual fate of McCarthy’s Pub had changed (since the sign was removed, etc.)

However, the sign is back, and the website is still live. Here’s a photo of the interior “progress” as of this week:



In case you don’t walk around downtown, you might have missed this “coming soon” business, next door to T Thai, and Quizno’s.

McCarthy’s Pub

This is no surprise, as the owners of Hoboken Pizza had been asking about good spots to open up a bar for over a year now!

From the McCarthy’s Pub website:
“McCarthy’s Pub is an Irish Pub with a sports bar feel. McCarthy’s was founded by the owners of Hoboken Pizza and will be a lively and fun environment. McCarthy’s will offer spirits, bar pies from Hoboken Pizza, wings, chicken fingers and other types of finger foods. Our expected grand opening will be around the 2008 holidays.”


Description: Irish Pub with TV’s booze and debauchery
Address: 104 Hudson St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

PS, my thoughts about Hoboken Pizza: The best damn plain slice in town. Incredible sauce. It’s just too bad they don’t deliver.

See their “Artists Rendering” of what the exterior of the pub will look like, after the jump…


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Saturday, June 25, 2011 4:43 pm

At one time there was a real old hoboken saloon at that location, it had it all dark, dingy, great a/c, and a old fashion bathroom with ice cubes in the urinal. The die hard drunks would get off path and stop in for a few shots of fleishsmans with a short beer chaser and stumble out a couple of hours later.. It was a fixture at that spot for years business slowed down when HPD moved next door.

Kaiser Sosay
Kaiser Sosay
Friday, June 24, 2011 7:01 pm

miss the ole Signore’s…

Friday, June 24, 2011 6:01 pm

You must be an idiot to go there and get hammered, police station right next door!!! 😳

Friday, June 24, 2011 2:43 pm

It’s not as good a location as it seems. It may be close to everything purely by distance, but it’s on the wrong side of everything. Think about it – if you’re Hoboken’s average par patron, there is no reason to walk by here on a weekend night.

Monday, May 3, 2010 12:17 pm

anyone been here recently? it looks a lot more crowded and i saw a sign for free pizza every day of the week. how’s the scene there??

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