You almost never need to buy new technology

You almost never need to buy new technology

With all the new tech coming out every day – we see that so many people rush to get the “latest and greatest.” In a never-ending revolving door of upgrades and replacements, most people are conditioned into wanting it – or more sadistic – feeling that they absolutely NEED it.

no need to buy new tech - You almost never need to buy new technology

No ordinary person NEEDS the latest

Latest cell phone. Latest video game. Latest TV. Latest laptop or CPU.

All a little faster, a little clearer, a little louder, or whatever.

There are always exceptions to the concept of never buying the latest – such as in maybe video or drones. But even then, the latest is so far ahead. For example, so many people cannot view 4K video – why are all the creators spending the money for the 5% of the population that can see the difference? Maybe most people will skip 4K and head right over to 8K?

Again – having the latest should only matter if your business depends on it – or you can gain a competitive advantage by having it. No other reason, unless your old tech no longer runs the applications you absolutely depend on. Even then, you may just need a minor upgrade instead of the latest…

dont be that tech person - You almost never need to buy new technology

Don’t be that person – the feeling is short-lived.

Hype helps condition people

People who follow particular industries in tech – are bound to catch much hype. Lots of “coming soon’s” and “on the horizons” in their weekly readings. This subconsciously gets them “in the mood” for the “next best” when it arrives.

The rest of the folks “on the outside” become aware of new tech via other MSM outlets (all planned far in advance) – as media bobbleheads and other paid influencers begin their role in the hype process.

After not very long – you have a massive mob of mindless zombies who “MUST HAVE” that next great thing of the year.

So it’s really WANT instead of NEED – but the powerful feeling causes the two to be indistinguishable.

Filling internal voids with “having the best of the best!”

We understand that there is some psychological trigger or dopamine hit that happens when you get something new for yourself. A new toy. Fun new features. An “improvement” over your previous hell on earth not having the best of the best.

I suppose some people also have a stupid superiority complex thinking that “no one in the world has a better model than me!” (That is until six months down the road and they’re no longer king of the idiotic tech cesspool.)

core i5 laptop under 100 dollars - You almost never need to buy new technology

Less than one tenth of the original cost.

How to break the spell of “WANT” and “NEED!”

But there is a way to never need the latest – and still get that “new” and “upgraded” feeling. And it’s as simple as just waiting two years. So what is that exactly?

Wait two years, then start buying technology that is two years old!

  • For example – about two years ago – the LG V20 Android cell phone came out. Ground-breaking! Epic! Flagship! It cost about $850.00 new. People lined up for it. We just bought a brand-new one on eBay for $69.00. Not only was it a win for our technology upgrade – but we saved almost $800 in the process!
  • Example 2 – Our five-year-old Walmart laptop (around $300 new) was starting to run into “I’m too old” trouble. We’ll eventually convert it to Linux. But we need at least one laptop in the apartment to stay on Windows 10 for compatibility reasons – so we have to replace it with something better. Do we get another crappy Walmart PC? NO! We get an older generation Intel laptop off eBay. We scored a Fujitsu Lifebook (6th Generation Core i5 with 8GB RAM and 128gb SSD) for $79 bucks! In perfect condition! It was over $1,000 new! It’s sweet, actually!

So we achieved that feeling you get when something “new” arrives. For a mere 1/10th of the price. And our tech is in no way “chump change” either. Marginal differences between the latest.

The only drawback to this method is people who are up to date today. You’ll still be in today’s mode two years from now… so it’ll take a little while longer if you’re one of “those people.”

But part of the key is to purposely keep yourself “in the dark” regarding the new tech. Because the allure of “the best” is pretty powerful. It can be depressing knowing there is always something better. So try to stay out of the fray when it comes to tech gossip. Doesn’t do you much good.

not all tech is this bad - You almost never need to buy new technology

Not all older technology is this bad!

It always becomes obsolete and old

We can’t deny that some of the “new” things that come out aren’t cool or desirable. Better displays. Faster. But you have to clearly define your needs versus your wants. That thing you bought a few years ago – can you remember how you felt then? How do you feel about it now?

It’s the same thing over and over. By getting used to things that aren’t particularly current – but an upgrade for you – isn’t so bad. And knowing that you’ll save so much money over the long-term it’s insane!

“Even the iPhone 4 was once the newest and best” as my friend Mokokoma says.

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