Why do people waste money on Jeans?

Why do people waste money on Jeans? {buy cheap!}

Quick economic note here… we’ve recently become fascinated about why people waste money on Jeans. Some brands we’ve seen for men and women range in the absurdly priced. Shopping at Nordstrom the other day – we saw some brands like AG, “Citizens of Humanity”, and True Religion asking for between $200 and $300 a pair. Of pants! Some other obscure brands were pushing $500 per pair!

But first a little background…

good jeans - Why do people waste money on Jeans?

Sometimes you need to buy new jeans

For the past eight years or so – we’ve been pretty much the same size. Thanks to a low-carb lifestyle our body composition remained consistent. Mostly a 34 x 34 (and briefly 36 x 34 when we stupidly allowed ourselves to eat gluten-free crap.)

So our ordinary Levi’s 527 (our favorite cut) have lasted without issue, after repeated wears and washes.

But happily adopting the Carnivore Diet – our remaining weight is disappearing faster than common sense at a political rally. All of our clothes started looking ridiculously oversized. And pants were falling off without the use of a belt (which we had to cut new notches in!)

It was time for new jeans.

Looking at the tried-and-true brand we wanted – Levi’s 527 Bootcut – we noticed that the price ticked up since we bought our last pairs. Sure, we understand the economic reasons. But they increased by 25% in just six years. From $39.99 to $49.99 per pair. Not sure we wanted to pay more for the same thing. And this was online, at the best prices!

As a comparison – all the “bootcut” jeans at Nordstrom were in the $150 price range. The best we could find was a pair of True Religion “on sale” for $88. No thanks.

true religion boot cut jeans nordstrom half off sale 88 dollars - Why do people waste money on Jeans?

Searching for more economical – yet good jeans

So we’ve “shrunk” down to a 32 x 34 size (soon to be 31 x 34, then eventually as far as we can go at 30 x 34 – bones do not shrink (yet)). Performing a quick online search – we settled for Levi’s Signature to try first. Only $21.99 per pair! We knew nothing about this line from Levi’s. We just had faith, and hoped that they fit similarly.

We got them the next day – and they fit perfectly and wore great (for our body – everyone needs to try on – you may not be so lucky). Fortunately, Amazon and most other online clothing retailers have tremendous (free) return policies if you need.

Wondering why they were less than half the cost of the other 5xx series from Levi’s, we discovered that this was their “low end” brand that is meant to be sold at stores such as Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target. This likely means that they probably will not have the same longevity as the more costly ones. We’ll see.

But how important is it?

Depending on the frequency of use and washing, jeans can last a really long time. It also depends on how many pairs you own!

It’s entirely possible that our “cheap” jeans will last only half as long before they need replacement. And I think we’re fine with that.

Because 10 pairs of “527” would cost us $500, while 10 pairs of “Signature” only cost $220. I’d much rather have the $280 in my pocket today. Wouldn’t you?

That’s an entire year of cell service plus a crispy $100 in my wallet!

We understand that there can be viable arguments to buy the best you can afford. Perhaps the costlier ones will indeed last “forever.” And maybe one day we’ll try it. But since we know that we’ll continue tightening up our body due to intelligent food choices – that is just not in the cards at the moment.

Do you fall victim to clothing trends and hype regarding style and fashion? Or does a sensible, pragmatic approach suit you better?

750 for ripped jeans waste of money - Why do people waste money on Jeans?

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