Learn to Code Meme ENRAGES the Media (Why? Total hypocrisy)

Why “Learn to Code” Meme ENRAGES the Media

We included this “learn to code” clip about the faux “outrage” that takes place online these days. Black Pigeon Speaks always produces top quality video content – with equally excellent commentary and analysis.

Our take is that so much of society’s “feelings” are generated from fake sources that are purely designed to “divide and conquer” the people. To create hate and enemies that would not have existed if not for these platforms.

The “news” and other “gossip” is known to be psychologically addictive. Like rubber-necking or celebrity trainwrecks – it’s part of human nature. Technology (i.e., instant communication) is probably the major contributor to the mass confusion today.

The sad fact is – most people are being programmed with their consent. Because almost all of the “content” out there produced by multi-billion dollar conglomerates is done with the help of specialized psychological fine-tuning.

All of this is readily known. For a century or more already. Why this doesn’t “sink in” for everyone remains the mystery.

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