Hijacking the Weather for Politics

Hijacking the Weather for Politics

Weather events used to be individual happenings… and by that I mean – weather reports were generally understood – and people knew what to expect. ON THEIR OWN.

More and more as time goes by – the weather has been “weaponized” for almost purely political purposes.

Each time a new major event takes place – the rhetoric gets worse and worse. Look at how “Extreme Weather” and “Politics” were dance partners after Hurricane Sandy.

Using the weather as political footballs become addictive for officials and agencies alike. They realize the so-called power in it – and use it more and more as time goes on. Even the fake news gets called out with their ridiculous propaganda.

fake weather - Hijacking the Weather for Politics

Ordinary rain and puddles – government proclamations

Back in the day – you had one weather voice. It was typically the National Weather Service. They issued alerts as needed – and usually for only the most extreme threatening conditions. The “local mets” would have their couple minutes. People dealt with it.

Nowadays – each time there’s a minor change in conditions (i.e., from calm and sunny – to rainy) the world goes on full-scale “ALERT!”

Like last week – we had a cold front come through – and had a couple inches of steady rain.

Useless entities like Hudson County had to issue a warning as well. With rain and winds of 20mph! Oh My God!

Why? We’ve all dealt with (temporary) inclement weather our whole lives. Since when did it become so over-the-top?

hudson county rain threat to life over reaction - Hijacking the Weather for Politics

Top reasons why weather is over-hyped

Here are some theories as to why this is now “TMI” (Too Much Information).

  • Relevance. Useless government entities like to appear useful. Even if that includes telling everyone what they already know. There are times, however, where it is helpful when they remind you about the draconian regulations they unnecessarily imposed on citizens (like parking restrictions and road closures).
  • Money. When all those lowly municipalities moan and cry about how the weather was so bad for them – they get attention as they try vying for other government money and grants.
  • Ego. Politicians love appearing important. So each time they get to issue a warning or press release – it’s another pump of their already inflated egos. They feel superior to everyone else. They also have to stay on radar – as they always have some kind of future election in mind.
  • Technology. With all the avenues you can distribute information – many believe that if you don’t take advantage of them (for attention) someone else will. So it’s a giant clusterfuck of people chatting about minor things instead of doing something productive and useful. Not a good situation to be in.

Whatever the case – it’s truly annoying and just another sign of the times – how a more “advanced” society isn’t always a good thing. Best to just tune out and not succumb to the hype.

weather hype hoboken nj hudson county 2019 - Hijacking the Weather for Politics

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