Divisive Politics and Child Abuse {a fine line?}

Divisive Politics and Child Abuse {a fine line?}

Every time we see politically or culturally extreme parents parade their children in front of the world – we shake our heads.

We completely know why – but struggle to comprehend why MORE people do not condone such ridiculousness. What is preventing the majority from saying “enough is enough, you morons!”

Our core tells us to NEVER involve children in “adult” things. This includes almost everything outside of what kids should know.

In today’s culture, kids don’t really become adults until they’re around 25. Back in the day, it was more like early teens, but that’s another story.

Why use children as pawns for your own gain?

It’s clear to us – that Hoboken “mayor” Ravi “Pay to Play” Bhalla is using his family for his own narcissistic personal gain.

ravi bhalla hoboken feminist child abuse politics - Divisive Politics and Child Abuse {a fine line?}


Young children should NEVER be involved in ANY gender rally, debate, or anything else. Adult topics should not involve kids ever. Boys should be boys, and girls should be girls. Kids should be kids! Not involved in anything “sophisticated!” Plain and simple.

These topics are far too complex for the mind of a child to grasp. Heck, they’re too much for most adults who don’t understand (real) history and psychology.

For “Mister” Bhalla (or is that going to change one day, too, like Bruce Jenner?) to lug his kids to a women’s rally is insane and UTTERLY IRRESPONSIBLE!

Even crazier is to have his SON hold an “I’m a Feminist” sign! How useless is that? What is the point precisely?

Kids that age have a very rough and unrefined view of the world outside of their home – why force national or global or societal politics on them at such a tender age? How will they be open-minded once they’ve matured?

We can understand teaching children practical adult things like responsibility, neatness, honor, respect, and so on. But to get them involved in a very ludicrous and politically-charged (and hopefully temporary) societal tinderbox is pathetic, rotten, and VERY short-sighted.

This is why many people are screwed up in 2019 (and God knows for a long while longer). Their parents use children as strategic pawns. It’s awful.

Like that moronic family and the kid who dressed provocatively as a woman. I’ve overheard some people calling that criminal – or even child abuse!

This lunacy has to reach a boiling point eventually. We know for sure MANY people do not approve of it. But because of the mob-mentality of social media and all sorts of other reasons – most do not express themselves freely anymore. They wilt like a flower without water.

I can hear George Orwell screaming from his grave now: “I TOLD YOU SO!”

lactasia drag queen child abuse not playing dress up - Divisive Politics and Child Abuse {a fine line?}

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