WTF is “Buzzfeed?” Why does anyone use it?

WTF is “Buzzfeed?” Why does anyone use it?

We’ve seen the publication “Buzzfeed” and “Buzzfeed News” getting mentioned all the time. We never visit the site(s) because we knew a long time ago that it was crap with financial backing. Same goes with some others – such as “HuffPo” and similar fake sites.

However, we just checked out the Buzz series of sites just to see if our original perceptions from years ago were (still) correct.

buzzfeed crap

Buzzfeed is just click-bait with a heaping pile of propaganda

For starters – look who is feeding boatloads of cash for this junk. NBC.

Why do you think a liberal outlet is putting money there? Because that is where they think the influence over brain-dead American morons is.

Watch this clip for 20 seconds for a perfect summation:

We looked at this God-awful collection of rubbish – and remember why it’s toxic for everyone that likes it – let alone just read it regularly! How did this happen?

Just a quick look at the home page of what is considered “news,” we found the following:

  • Anti-Trump propaganda articles (none supporting the President of the United States)
  • Tons of Hollywood articles (Oscars and other celebrity nonsense)
  • Talk about social media like Instagram and other time-wasters
  • Gender, gender, and more gender (Transgender, equality, etc.)
  • Race-baiting stories

Worst collection of trash ever. The worst part of humanity.

It’s not even worth detailing how useless the main “buzzfeed” site is. Worse than the National Enquirer rag in the supermarket checkout. Just “viral” idiocy. Not sure what I feel worse about – the people that are inclined to produce such stuff or the folks that consume it. Idiocracy was prophetic.

buzzfeed even worse

In America – there is only one legitimate way to stop the nonsense.

The USA is a “free” country – or so you’re led to believe. It’s more of a “power structure,” just like the rest of the world. And that power shifts. Or at least it can shift – if people wake up.

We won’t get into the utterly complex mechanisms and history behind why things are the way they are – but there is a way to make this stop.

People have to realize how bad it is. How useless it is. How it preys upon the flaws of humanity in order to succeed. And how generations of sophisticated psychological manipulation have led to a mass of “dumbed down” people. How to “wake up” nearly brain-dead robots is a major challenge.

And unfortunately – this phase of the American experiment is at a critical point. Almost everyone who eagerly consumes this shit is beyond recovery. Luckily – many “Gen Z’ers” are indeed seeing through the hollowness of such terrible material. And the same way many millennials are actually “cheering” that the “Baby Boomers” are dwindling in numbers – the Generation Z and beyond might feel the same when it happens to millennials. Who knows.

Today’s technological landscape changes rapidly. Perhaps the mindset that is eating millennials alive isn’t so firmly entrenched, similar to how there is no love for the (now) latest trend of smartphone model. Maybe there’s hope that many people can “upgrade” their way of thinking as easily as their cell phone.

Time will tell.

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