Hoboken has (some) parks!


Oh my god.

As I was taking a brief 20-minute power-nap the other day, I had this horrific nightmare: People living in Hoboken didn’t know we actually had a few parks in town!

You know, the ones where you can lay out, toss a Frisbee 30 feet, walk with your strollers along the water, etc. Then, my dream got even worse. All Hoboken residents suffered from “Park Amnesia” and needed to be constantly reminded that yes, we have parks.. and it’s my job to show you what they look like!

Startled awake in a panicked sweat, I had to, HAD TO perform my duty and take pictures of these precious parks! What in god’s name would people do without Hoboken411 reminding them?

So look carefully, and try to memorize these pictures, and where these parks are.

Gosh, I hope this isn’t a recurring nightmare.

The famous Pier A Park

Don’t you dare ever forget we have a Pier A Park! Movies, sunbathers, people fishing, walking, running, etc. Hard to believe, but true. Amazing, eh?



(you’ll be tested next week…)

(Important Hoboken Park Reminders, continued…)

Maxwell Place Park

This is an important multi-function park. With a bit of open space, fenced in grassy areas, and even a miniature beach!


Stevens Park

Stevens Park is a rather small and boring park, but it contains a smidge of green grass, a dog run, some playground equipment, pathways and benches. A nice spot to finish up your iced coffee or have a smoke. Lots of shade.


Elysian Park

Elysian Park is one of my favorites. The back area is one of the best areas to relax. A big dog run, basketball court and kiddie area make it a great place for people of all ages. People forget it’s here, no doubt about it…


Pier C Park

Rest assured, you will not be required to memorize this one. It hasn’t been finished yet. But time will come!


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I want to add this answer:

“Hoboken has (some) parking lots.”

But it won’t let me.


Columbus Park is the name of the park near Hoboken HS. H411, you’re also missing Church Square Park.

Red Haven
Red Haven

[quote comment=”103868″]I think they are only building part of it now and the island will be built later as a subsequent phase. When they have money.[/quote]

Yes, but it’s important to note they had the money five years ago when this was supposed to be built. Now it will be smaller because the Roberts administration dragged it’s feet on the project.

Thanks to the mismangement of the city budget it’s highly unlikely Pier C will ever be finished to the original specs. Roberts and Cammarano will still get to cut a ribbon there around election time though.


[quote comment=”103805″]
Is it me or is Pier C a little on the small side?[/quote]

I think they are only building part of it now and the island will be built later as a subsequent phase. When they have money.


[quote comment=”103800″]I detect some sarcasm from 411 about the actual value of continuously posting photos of out-of-towners lounging on Pier A and passing it off as news… but I could be wrong. 😆

On the non-sarcastic side, it’s nice to see how far Pier C is finally coming along. It was supposed to be completed years ago.[/quote]

Is it me or is Pier C a little on the small side?