Hijacking your time {put it to better use!}

Hijacking your time {put it to better use!}

We’ve talked about the bogus “news” as well as social media timelines that rob people of their time – with things that provide literally no value to the individual whatsoever.

Sure – some folks can call it “entertainment” in the long run, but it’s still a waste of time.

Just look at what happened in the past week or so – particularly with that stupid rally and opinions that were taken out of context (the smirky kid with the MAGA hat).

The number of people who “got involved” even though they were far away, and had NOTHING to do with it was amazing. Like an orgy of back and forth opinions and jabs that did nothing more than exposing people’s narrow-minded beliefs, among many personality deficits.

time hijacking maga hat so what - Hijacking your time {put it to better use!}

Don’t get involved is always the best choice

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Don’t get involved. You had nothing to do with any of that. Why bother?

Even better – do what you can to NOT consume that “information.” What good does it do you to know about what was happening far from your environment?

Sure – it can be beneficial to keep a pulse on society – but that is where it should end.

Focus instead on your well-being, your family, your hobbies, skills, and talents. Just like the idiots that yell at the TV when their team fumbles the ball – it does nothing to augment society to get involved in a stupid shouting match with people you do not know.

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