Communist / Socialist Hoboken – HOORAY!

Communist / Socialist Hoboken – HOORAY! (You asked for it!)

Beginning tomorrow – the utterly retarded “ban” of plastic bags goes into effect in Hoboken.

Such a fucking stupid, stupid, thing!

Let’s once again review what no one else has the balls to say.

  1. Those assholes purposely framed plastic grocery bags as “single-use” – when they knew full well that most people use them over and over. Suckers all over the world now also call them “single-use.” Why don’t more people call them out on their wordplay?
  2. Notice how only the MOST USEFUL bags were “banned,” and NONE OF THE MANY OTHER PLASTIC BAGS were? What good does that ass-backwards ban accomplish? Oh yeah, girlie-man virtue signaling, that’s right.

We could go on.

Littering will increase in Hoboken

reuse plastic bags - Communist / Socialist Hoboken - HOORAY!

Single-use how?

We overheard some people who also thought the ban was an outrageous attack on businesses and overall freedom – that to challenge the “ban,” a citywide protest is being staged.

Many are secretly planning on purposely littering the streets with the remaining bags not included in the ban. Newspaper bags. Produce bags. Dog litter bags. Colostomy bags. And so on.

Because if you’re going to arbitrarily ban one kind of bag – and NOT ALL BAGS, then why not show them the hard way how it’s done.

So if you want to join that resistance – you apparently have to carefully begin discarding all your other plastic bags all over the city streets and sidewalks. Show them how banning the useful and strong grocery bags will backfire.

Either they repeal this anal-retentive ban, or BAN ALL OTHER PLASTIC BAGS – INCLUDING GARBAGE BAGS, RIGHT?

plastic bag ban hoboken utterly stupid - Communist / Socialist Hoboken - HOORAY!

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