Going the way of MySpace

Social Media Landscape WILL change

We definitely see some change coming in regards to “social networks” like Fakebook and others. Their time will come – without a doubt, as the article below suggests. Maybe some can change with the times and keep their users – or something else will come along. But are those networks now too big to fail? People have too much of their so-called lives invested?

Why doesn’t retail also change as fast?

However, more interestingly – and not covered below – is how will “retail” change, if ever? What can possibly threaten an Amazon.com? Chinese competition? Not easy, especially when you have to wait at least two weeks for your things (when most are now conditioned for “instant” or 2-day delivery).

What will the market decide? How can anyone compete with Amazon’s breadth and scope? How many will make the sacrifice to shop locally? (which in the end doesn’t matter much other than how much MORE you spend and who gets the profits). What difference does it make when now almost everything is made overseas? China, Japan, etc.?

myspace - Going the way of MySpace

Going the way of MySpace

By Kenny Kelly

facebook - Going the way of MySpace
It’s the 21st century and technology is lagging behind the times. Why? People. There are inventors and innovators who are wanting to put new tech in your hands. But people are stuck in the mindset we still need government to regulate the marketplace and we still need other centralized power.

Take the tech you’re using right now – social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit are behind the times. People don’t want products shoved in their faces or domineering policing policies. Ads and bans are way too common on social media today. There are options.

Instead of Facebook, try Minds or Mewe; instead of Twitter, try Mastadon; instead of Youtube, try Dtube and Peertube; and instead of Reddit, try Steemit. Mastadon is user-friendly and can introduce you to the future of decentralized networks. Minds and Steemit are user-friendly and can introduce you to the brave new world of crypto-currency.

If you’re tired of the ads and bans, try something new. Facebook is going the way of Myspace. But beware, a new platform is still capable of going the same way, so stay vigilant. If a Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Reddit alternative abuses you the same way as the current giants, leave it. Which new platform will you try in 2019?

Endnote: Why “platform” at all?

411: People speak about these “platforms” as if they’re necessities. We had platforms before. The phone. In-person. And so on. Email was also a platform – but at least direct.

Today’s “platforms” are nothing other than ways to make money for other corporations. Sure, they’re free – so you make sacrifices (in privacy mostly). Most “paid” networks don’t have the followings to be impactful (Only LinkedIn, perhaps?) I guess some folks don’t mind having their lives “mined” for the profit of others.

But when you think about it – you don’t really need platforms. At least from a personal perspective. We can understand how most businesses probably need to have some footprint out there. But at the same time, can be damaging when negative news spreads and people just don’t think for themselves anymore.

If most people stopped using the platforms, the businesses wouldn’t need to either. Then things can go back to more honest, direct interaction. I can’t imagine how many people “believe” online reviews to never get to see things for themselves. It’s astonishing. Perhaps the day will come when folks will be daring enough (sad to say even that) and experience things first hand, instead of anecdotally.

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