Another reason to “de-news” yourself

Another reason to “de-news” yourself

Not going to get into the stupid details of some stupid politician and their stupid (and dwindling) media outlets they’re in cahoots with.

But below is a spot-on video that shows how almost ALL news is fake. And how they try to manufacture “controversy” in order to get attention and attempt to shape public perception. (Sort of like former “mayor” Don Zimmer’s “stolen” bicycle… a tactic from a playbook that never goes out of style apparently.)

While it doesn’t work for people like us – sadly, there are more idiots out there who do indeed get caught up in this retardation and utterly useless information.

And the fact nowadays you can just basically create a fake social media account as fast as a free email throwaway is part of the problem. If you see the largest newspaper in the world running a story like that is proof enough. So glad we only stumble on such stupidity. We can see why the world is so screwed up these days.

Wish we never needed to publish stuff like this – but it’s still important to keep a pulse on how fast we’re circling the drain. The good news is, that it never, ever, can last forever. The bad news is, that well, it rarely ends well. Maybe it’ll be different this time – but we have our doubts.

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