Why do you need healthcare?

Why do you need healthcare?

You ever think about “the doctor” and all the history behind it? Yeah, it’s called “healthcare” these days. And it’s a big subject that is most likely the most talked about societal topic out there.

Do you think about why “healthcare” is such a prominent discussion every day and every year in the “news” and other outlets? Who made it such a big deal? Almost like it’s being force-fed down our throats!

What are people so concerned with this so-called health “care” anyway?

Why do people get so concerned if and when they are ever without healthcare “coverage?”

And why is there very little discussion about truly making yourselves healthier? Or how the “mandated” (health) guidelines have been (and still are) grossly inaccurate? By like 1000 times?

doctor office health care - Why do you need healthcare?

Hard to remember places like this!

15 years with no doctor – never been healthier!

My point is – that we feel very strongly that “going to the doctor” (for just about anything including “routine checkups”) is a recipe for disaster. They administer “tests” and give you scary “results” that most of the time mean pills are being dispensed.

We have not been to the doctor for longer than a decade and a half! No flu shots. No checkups. No nothing. And we feel incredible!

Our health has never been better.

Why is that? Could there be a correlation between NOT visiting the stupid doctor and NOT being ill?

Fear sells – and the medical industry profits immensely

Most people ingest “mainstream” media in many forms. TV, radio, periodicals, websites, social media, and more. Every single day.

Those days, added up over years – equal a “slow drip” of indoctrination serum that eventually convinces people that “healthcare” is something necessary for all.

That’s not the case. Most people can live without.

99% of health problems can be avoided

Without getting into all the possible details – the two most important facets of life are:

  1. Almost all health problems can be avoided with a proper diet (mostly meat, no carbs or processed foods, artificial ingredients).
  2. Almost all health problems can be remedied via natural methods (homeopathic or other herbal solutions) – available to everyone, without any “prescription.”

But Big Pharma doesn’t like that.

you should never take prescription pills - Why do you need healthcare?

You can live without any of these wacky pills.

The case for having health “insurance”

We know the medical industry is a racket. Any “sophisticated” care for specialized treatment is mind-numbingly expensive. Would bankrupt most people.

Did you know you can fly to Japan first class roundtrip and receive better treatment for most illnesses for less than 10% of the cost here in the USA? (Including the luxury airfare). The medical industry in America has been destroyed from within (along with the gubbmint). That is one of the main reasons we have opted out entirely. “To hell with them!” we say. We’ll take our chances.

But indeed you take a risk by not having insurance. That’s a classic case of the “what if’s?”

Fortunately – driving a car, for instance – it’s mandatory to have car insurance. So great, that covers your medical expenses if you get injured. Same goes for on-the-job injuries, your company covers that.

But depending on your life, and whether you have a family or not – that changes things. At some point in time – it may make sense to have “catastrophic” insurance in case of major injury.

Heck – I’d be concerned with also taking any kids to the doctor as well. The number of shots kids have to get these days compared to just 50 years ago is scary. Very damn scary that they’ll essentially lock you up for choosing your own way to care for your offspring. But that’s a story for another day.

If healthcare was truly market value and affordable – it’d be a society-changer

Like I said before, America is the most expensive country in the world for this so-called “medical care.” And are you being “cared for?” Or are you being prepped as a monetary unit? It boils down to a very complicated money printing press – with human emotions and fear and propaganda and of course, LIES at the core.

As well as the insurance mafia – which is profiting almost more than any other “industry” (racket) out there.

It’s a racket. Same with auto insurance. To make these things “mandatory” in a free society is oxymoronic. “Preventative Medicine” is far from the truth.

Do yourself a favor. Start by educating yourself about the food(s) you eat. Then read up on natural healing practices for healthcare. And if you can – avoid the doctor(s) and live a better life.

do you need healthcare - Why do you need healthcare?

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