Hoboken Week in Review – 8/31/2008


In addition to big talk about local Hoboken politics, local residents also shared their viewpoints on National topics such as the Presidential race and severe tropical weather.

Besides Obama, McCain, Palin, Lenz, and Gustav, what other names made the Top 10 most discussed Hoboken411 entries for the week ending Sunday August 31st, 2008?

hoboken411 week in review august 31 2008 - Hoboken Week in Review - 8/31/2008

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Got a case of the Lenz
    Last Sunday, a letter to the editor in the local paper exposes a local political hack.
  2. Laying the foundation
    A brief update about the much-discussed Clearview Cinemas uptown.
  3. Empire Freakness
    Complaint overload about a midtown gym that has issues with billing.
  4. McCain selects a GILF for VP
    On the Republican side of the fence, a controversial decision is made for second in command.
  5. Stumbl-O-Bama
    A reader thought a couple Obama videos would make for interesting conversation.
  6. More pedestrians struck
    One consistent occurrence in Hoboken: pedestrian pinball. Who’s fault is it really?.
  7. America to be slammed by Mother Nature
    Hurricane Gustav is expected to be devastating wherever it finally lands. The tropics are heating up! What’s next?
  8. Flip Flop you don’t stop
    One reader wanted to expose some of McCain’s inconsistencies.
  9. Cupcakes take Hoboken by storm
    Local bakery owner is “killin ’em with Sweetness” as her (delicious) cupcake shop wows new customers.
  10. Woof, Woof, Arf, Growl (et. al.)
    The Hoboken411 Legal Beagle answers more questions from residents.


This week

Summer events are dwindling down in Hoboken (you can see them listed on the calendar on the bottom of the left sidebar – Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!)

Some noteworthy upcoming events:

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Sunday, August 31, 2008 9:05 am

Lenz in the top 10…he made it big time. Seriously, the discourse was great and only an informed public can make good decisions at the ballot box. Since Tip O’Neill wrote the book “All Politics is Local”, the Hoboken May 09 Mayor/Council race should be a benchmark for the future of Hoboken’s financial and quality of life issues.

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