Cell phone dependency

Cell phone dependency – more important than a child

We all have cell phones for the most part. How people use them – and how “important” they make them in their lives varies. The cell phone dependency some folks have makes them downright obsessed with “caring” for their precious devices.

old school cell phone - Cell phone dependency

Remember this?

Losing battery is like dying to some

We were looking for a spare battery for our phone. Because we bought a used model, the battery that came with our phone was wearing out. The comments people had when they found something like an “extended” battery was like they found heaven on earth. It’s understandable for business people “in the field” to have their communicators functional – but since when did it become so insanely necessary for ordinary people to be constantly connected?

Remember Hurricane Sandy? People were lost without that connection. And that was so many years ago! It’s become like junkies looking for that next fix.

What is worth checking really?

Like Pavlov’s Dog – when people hear that “ding” on their phones – they “check it.” That’s the thing that gets us. This habit-forming “checking.”

Most of the time it’s social media. The never-ending “timelines” of stuff.

What are they waiting for? Something truly groundbreaking? Like the meaning of life? Or the second coming of Christ? The latest “virtual rubber-necking” of a celebrity fiasco or yet another seemingly organized protest of some kind?

Is ordinary life in the real world so boring that this digital information is an hourly requirement (or worse) for most humanoids?

We’ve proven that you can easily live without – and have plenty of interesting and challenging things consuming your time. We’re so busy that we cannot imagine how we’d ever fit all this other stuff in. How does everyone else do it? And why?

They say it’s where “we” are going?

Some say that if you don’t join the trend – you’ll be left behind.

That may be true in some instances – but not all.

Sure, a lot of people are doing business or essentially “living life” on their silicon slabs – but just because it’s popular, does not mean it’s required.

It’s just that most folks think it’s essential.

They may perceive it as essential – but we promise it’s not a necessity. Which is why many folks are “trending” towards cutting cords and connectivity in a big way.

cell phone dependency - Cell phone dependency

There are other ways and alternatives

Just because it’s the “thing” to do. The “it” these days, doesn’t mean that it is the only way of life.

Sure, it’s “gotten” many, if not most people. However, there are many alternatives. And just because they’re not the most popular, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Living a simple life is one great alternative. Cutting the cord and distancing yourself from the mainstream or pop-culture is a healthy thing to do. To be an individual with fewer “influences.” We’re all individuals, right? Why must we all share the same popular things?

We understand that much of what is going on is “fun” to some degree – but there is so much more.

Finding contentment minus the tech is a challenge for many. To them, there is almost no alternative. People have become conditioned in that way. See how restless you become during a power outage.

Being that person who is unaffected when modern life takes an unplanned turn is a great New Year’s Resolution you might want to consider.

(PS – a good source of inspiration to look into is My Self Reliance. Watch and observe. Contemplate a bit. Appreciate the vernacular. The tone. The pace. You can learn a lot from that man.)

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